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Sep 26, 2007 10:03 AM

staying at Wyndham resort.. where to eat

i am going to be staying at the Wyndham resort next month. Any chowhound suggestions on where to eat? I am there for work.. so my schedule is pretty nuts. I am ideally looking for places that are not too far from the property.

i love all kinds of food... but if there is a local specialty, i would love to have that.



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  1. Your request is very broad. There are a lot of posts about the Orlando area. Try searching for International Drive, universal studios area, pointe orlando. If you specific questions after that, we would be happy to help.

      1. re: rhnault

        oops, that would help!!
        Orlando. I know there are a lot of posts, but I Would love to find out what is close, i find that maps etc on the hotel site can be so wrong. I cant say how many times I have thought something was close by to find out it takes an hour to get there...


        1. re: coconutgoddess

          I assumed Orlando and the one on I-Drive. If you are staying at Bonnet Creek (very nice place) it is close to downtown disney or lake buena vista (those would be two good board searches for that area)

      2. Which Wyndham? the time share resort at Bonnet Creek or the one on Sand Lake and I-Drive.

        If I-Drive, do a board search for I-Drive and Sand Lake or Restaurant Row restaurants. You are located at the intersection of two of the major restaurant streets in town and distance -- unless you are nuts enough to walk -- shouldn't be a problem.

        We'll gladly opine of specific restaurants or genres in that immediate area if you share your likes and dislikes.

        Like the other poster said . . .


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          I would like to find a restaurant that is latin or carribean in flavors is possible. Now sure how true this is, but I seem to see that seafood is not that great in atlanta?

          1. re: coconutgoddess

            Not sure I understand your comment about Atlanta. Are you coming from Atlanta and using it as a comparison?

            Try Bahama Breeze on International Drive. It sounds like a perfect fit and convenient for where you seem to be staying. Also suggest Bonefish Grill (strictly seafood) or Moonfish (grilled fish and steaks and much more pricy), Both are on Sand Lake Road west of the Interstate and, again, near the Wyndham on I-Drive.