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Sep 26, 2007 10:00 AM

Chez Victor - Hotel Germain - REVIEWS???

Hi, I want to know if Victor in Hotel Germain is worth it? Any comments, reviews? Any other recommendation for the same price range?

Thank you All!

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  1. Actually the price was less than I expected. Overall (with wine, tax and tip) just over $200. But the place was almost empty, and the food wasn't that exciting. Competent but nothing to write home (or Chowhound) about. Don't recall specific dishes except there were a couple of odd combinations.
    Tried Colborne Lane a couple of weeks later and it was much more interesting (for about $250 if you order from the menu, not the chefs tasting menu).

    1. I went a couple months ago an as estufarian said, there was no one but us there (and we had an 8 pm reservation)... I dont rememebr what we ate exactly, but I know we started with oysters which were served with wine jelly and good (but I am no oyster expert at all), and I believe I had a chicken dish that was fried crispy on the outside and served with some type of potatos cut into disks which I felt were a bit undercooked and lacked flavour, but the chicken was really delicious. I believe my boyfriend had some type of venison dish which he really enjoyed. Unfortuentely I dont know how much the bill was as I didnt even see it. However, I know it wasn't outrageously priced but I do think there are better options for the same price

      1. Was there last saturday for the first time. It is still empty. I claim it will remain that way.
        The bar saw some "younger crowd" traffic waiting for the nightclub across the street to open. We had a table for 2 & only 1 other had traffic - it was a birthday party of 8 people for a friend of the waitresses.
        Food was interesting & tasty, wine prices were insulting - $125 for an Italian Barbera seems excessive & wine service was odd, table service a little spotty. (birthday party took all the attention).
        The menu (current version availble on their website) provides wine recommendations for each item, but then they do not actually stock all of the recommended wines! For example: the bison tartare carries a recommendation for either a Shiraz or a Zinfandel, but there were none to be found of either wine. Of the 4 sparkling wines offered by the glass, only 3 were available. We attempted to order wines by the glass as recommended by the menu, but were persauded to simply purchase a single bottle of wine.
        Glad I went because i did enjoy the food, but i will not return as they did not provide a complete package. Bill was expensive due to us each trying a glass and a half of sparkling wine - $60 total for 3 glasses of bubbles.

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          I've never been when there was no one there- guess I've just been lucky. I think part of the reason why it feels empty is because it is such a great big space. I love it for that- the high ceilings and minimalist style aren't exactly cozy, but remind me of some high end places in nyc. i find it a nice place for a romantic, quiet evening - where you can actually talk. and I've always enjoyed my meals, especially because i have some dietary restrictions that have always been happily and interestingly accommodated- i also like the presence of organic.local stuff. i'll keep going back for those things- not every week, but on special occasions

        2. I just had dinner at Chez Victor last night and I have to say, it is one of the most undervalued restaurants in Toronto. Amazing locally relevant food, fair prices, a beautiful room, and amazing services, especially from the Sommelier!
          We started off with the potato beet soup and fresh goat cheese appetizer. For our main course, we had the duck and steak, both done to perfection. We especially appreciated that each of the main courses came with unique sides that suited the meats and not your typical potato and veggies.

          After dinner, the waitress even personally brought dessert (a delicious creme brulee & cheese tray with brie at the perfect temperature!) to our room at precisely the time we requested.