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Korean fried chicken on St Marks Pl?

Looks like a new Korean fried chicken place is going up on St. Marks betw 2nd and 3rd Aves. next week (they thought) called BBQ Chicken...Anybody know anything about this chain?

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  1. http://nymag.com/daily/food/tags/bbq%...

    Korea’s largest fast-food chain, BBQ Chicken, which has 2,500 stores there (a 20 percent market share) and is apparently on a mission to overtake McDonald’s in worldwide ubiquity by the year 2020, is hitting St. Marks Place this Friday and opening three other stores in the city— two on Northern Boulevard (at 150 Place and 147th Street) and one on Seventh Avenue near FIT According to Andy Pan, franchiser of the St. Marks location, the store’s employees have been thoroughly trained in the craft of frying drumsticks, teriyaki sticks, chicken nuggets, and the like in olive oil, the company’s trademark. “We sent each manager back to Korea to the Chicken University to get educated.” That’s right— BBQ has a Chicken University.

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      I am VERY excited about the opening of BBQ Chicken on St. Marks. I didn't know it was coming but we stumbled on it on a trip to Yakitori Taisho from where the sign was taunting me the entire meal. It's not open yet, they said probably another 10 days which would make the opening on the 22nd of November. By the way "they" means the people at TKettle, the place that shares the space with BBQ Chicken. I ate at a BBQ Chicken in Seoul this summer and it was the best fried chicken I ever had. My wife and I ordered the fire drumsticks which were so incredibly hot but so incredibly perfect with beer. Since then I've been to several places in Flushing which were good but not quite the same. BBQ Chicken, especially the fire drumsticks, is a must try for anyone who loves fried chicken or spicy food.

    2. I went by this place for a couple of weeks and they'd always say they were opening in a week or two. i haven't been in the neighborhood for about a month--Anybody know if it's open and, if so, how was it?

      1. I have tried the one near FIT - it was quite bad, but it was also the first week they opened, so maybe they were still working out the kinks. The fried chicken was not really that great - and the service was just terrible, they forgot to give us biscuits, I has to ask them for ketchup, and after waiting for our food for 15 minutes, they told us they did not have any more chicken breasts so were legs and thighs ok? I was annoyed that it took them that long to figure it out. I really wanted this place to be good, but alas it wasn't. The one amusing thing about the restaurant is that they play karaoke videos and snippets of Korean serials in the back, and randomly the BBQ chicken logo just shows up in the middle of these dramatic scenes (really quite amusing on an empty stomach and a half pitcher of beer).

        1. I've had BBQ fried chicken twice now at the 7th ave/24th st location. The crispy skin is great, but very thick, and traps a lot of oil. Even if it is olive oil, it's still a heavy load. I felt like I had a brick in my stomach afterward. The spicy/sweet sauce is a good topping, but I wish it were spicier. The creamed spinach is good but heavy. The french fries are okay too. The stuffed jalapenos were pretty average, and heavy as well. It's not a place I'll go back to.

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            I also ate at the chelsea one recently and had the sweet and spicy legs and thighs; it was not the olive oil chicken (or maybe it was?) but, came with a great crust, encased in a great sauce; very chunky and a bit spicy and delicious. the chicken itself, however, was disgusting. the drumsticks were fine, but the rest of the "pieces" were chunks of bone, dredged in batter, and sauce, I swear. it was the other chunk of thigh meat, the part which connects to the breast piece on a chicken, sorta looks like mini ribs I guess, but ya, just bone. so weird. so bad. the waffles fries were good though; and we ordered the jalapeno popper things which were actually more like mild logs of fried . . . . I dunno, cheese ooze? sorta like a mcdonalds mozzarella stick but filled w/ runny american cheese and a very slight spice.

            ya it was bad, really bad.

          2. BTW, they have finally opened and started serving fried chicken on St Marks! I had the regular olive oil chicken tonight and the sweet and spicy.

            The regular was pretty good, didn't seem that greasy to me, and had a nice bit of heat to it that you only noticed over time. The sweet and spicy one was alright.

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              Oh kathryn,

              Now you get me excited! Do they serve legs / wings / dark meat / ??? What variety do you offer (olive oil and????)

              I may be heading there tomorrow! :D

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                There were four listings on the menu - all with cutesy names that didn't tell a lot about what they tasted like. One was the regular olive oil. One was the glazed, spicy and sweet ones. One of them had "fire" in the name and I think it must be the spicy ones (can't wait to try these). And there was Teri-gold, I have no idea what that means. Teriyaki, I guess.

                We got half regular, half sweet (we actually ordered a full order of regular and a 1/2 of sweet but they messed up the order and gave us a bunch of sides we didn't order). They do serve legs, as that was the piece I tried. Didn't see any other ones in there besides breast meat, but we didn't get that large of an order. The poor guys in the kitchen were swamped and working a bit slowly. The regular olive oil were much better than the sweet and spicy. There was too much sweet and not enough spicy, and the sauce just didn't seem to work in a fried chicken context. It also tasted kind of bottled-corn-syrup-y to me. I did like the biscuits, which were nice and hot. They had a bit of a spongy texture but were buttery. After they cooled down a bit, the texture got more strangely spongy, though.

                They also don't have a liquor license, so we got ours to go and bought beers and went back to a friend's apartment. Overall, I think it's a good addition to the neighborhood, as soon as they work the kinks out. I really liked the taste and texture of the olive oil chicken; not sure how the double-frying makes a difference, though.

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                When did you go? I went two weeks ago and they were only serving bubble tea. The portion of the restaurant with the fryers looked mothballed.