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Sep 26, 2007 09:50 AM

Best Italian Sausage in Brooklyn?

I'm probably really asking for it with this one, but what's the best Italian sausage in Brooklyn? Hot, sweet, fennel, rabe, whatever. I'm curious about fresh sausages you take home raw and cook yourself. My fave in Brownstone Brooklyn (by far) is Esposito's broccoli rabe sausage, though I know there's a whole world of other gems I haven't run across yet. I'll bet this post could easily get as contentious as a Best Brooklyn Pizza string.

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  1. Everything I've tried from Esposito & Sons is great, (although I'm not crazy about the hot sopressata-too much black pepper) but my favorite is Emily's Pork Store in Williamsburg. I love the broccoli rabe, hot (no fennel) and the cheese & parsley. My favorite hot sopressata also. Curious to hear of some other favorites.

    1. Just to add: I'm thinking more about links (and the occasional patty) then the big spiral sausages. Not sure why, but I never know what to do with the spirals.

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        Fiacco's on 11 ave and 65 st .

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          I like these guys very much. Those of you reading along should note that the place's correct spelling is *Faicco's* in case you're trying to Google it.

          Here's a write up in the NY Times -

          They also have a branch in Greenwich Village.

          There are lots of good sausage stores in Brooklyn. Since it hasn't been mentioned yet let me recommend the A&S Pork store at 274 5th Avenue in Park Slope near Union St. Like Faicco's it's a piece of old Brooklyn that's still around and as good as ever.

          You really should go to all these places. Make it a project over the next couple of months. You'll have a great time.

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          You can by lengths of the spirals by the pl. Refrigerate and cut off lengths as needed.

        3. Los Paisanos Meat Market on Smith Street has excellent italian sausages -- hot or sweet, both delish. The "fancier" varieties are not as good however.

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            Bari Pork Store - The King of the Sausage, 3 locations in Brooklyn

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              I think I got some sausages from the one on 18th Ave once. I seem to remember thinking they were good, but not necessarily better than Espo's.

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              Fiacco's in Dyker Heights (11th Ave near 65th St) is another good choice for Italian sausage.

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                every time i've gotten sausages frm paisanos (italian or otherwise) they've been terrible. I forgot after the first time, so i went a second time. then i complained about those and got a third batch on the house. still bad, so i will never get sausage from them again. i love everything else there, tho, and they are friendly and helpful.
                i like esposito's sausage much much better.

              2. I would have to agree on Esposito's. I am partial to the hot sausages myself..

                1. Landi's on Ave T is one. Anudder is Mercadito on 4th ave in the low 90's. These are my top 2. I like some of the smaller pork stores too like Pisa on King's highway.