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Sep 26, 2007 09:33 AM

Driving NYC-Cape Cod, Need Lunch idea!

I'm driving from NYC to Cape Cod on Friday with my husband. It's his birthday and I want to find a great lunch spot on the way (past New Haven, ideally). Great food, a view is a plus. Alternatively, any suggestions for a beautiful spot, not far off the highway to picnic would also be welcome!

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  1. If you don't mind a later lunch, The Back Eddy in Westport, RI is right on the water. They are open all afternoon. The other plus is that you are beyond all the city traffic and can relax know that you don't have to worry about getting through Providence before rush hour.

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      I definitely 2nd The Back Eddy rec!

      Wait - Newport! It's his birthday? If they're still serving outside, I'd suggest Castle Hill Inn or The Terraza at The Spiced cannot beat either setting or view, anywhere in New England, IMO. From CT, take 95 North to to Route 138 East (signs will say Univ of RI)....over 2 bridges and you're in Newport. From Newport, take 138 North to Route 24 North which will bring you to Route 195 east, then right to the detours necessary.

      I'm going to really plump for Spiced Pear here....entire terrace (excuse moi, terrazza) is covered and the weather is looking iffy on Friday (although still warm).

      Back Eddy has a great setting but a very plain outdoor area for eating (the lower decks are great for cocktails) and I think they also have a bar menu for outside, rather than their full menu (I could be wrong on that last part).

    2. Two ideas:
      Get off I95 at exit 61, Madison. Pick up a lunch at Perfect Parties (or call ahead and it will be waiting)
      Go a mile down the road to gorgeous Hammnonasett Beach and picnic. All no more than a mile from the highway.

      Or: go a few exits further to Edd's Pace in Westbrook. Great food, eaten there over the salt marsh, or pack it to go down to the beach.,0,25...

      If you'd rather "have service", either Aqua in Clinton or Boom in Wesbrook are on the harbors.