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Sep 26, 2007 09:14 AM

Max Brenner fan

I have read a lot of negative talk about MB chocolate shop, but I have to say, that I am a fan. YES it is touristy and not the most imaginative place to go. (not to mention Rachel Ray suggested it which would usually send me me running) BUT I had a two great experiences there, as did my little one.

I had the chocolate granita and split the chocolate mess. The granita was awesome. Chocolate blended into an icy shake like thing. Perfect for the hot day I was there. The chocolate mess is a molten chocolate cake with caramel bananas, a little beaker of sauce, and lots of whip cream. The individual size is more than enough for 2 or three to share. But all in all, I really thought the flavor was good. I personally loved the atmosphere of the place. I chatted up a couple sitting next to me and helped a party by taking their photo.

I have also had the crepes there, and they were certainly satisfying for a dessert. The Sacao is a "chantico" like.. melt it yourself chocolate. I loved this, my sister on the other hand, hated it. I liked the process of melting the chocolate, stirring it, blowing out the candle. Again, just some frivolous fun.

My sister enjoyed a few cocktails there. Her favorite is one that has some Mango flavors in it. I wasn't really paying attention...

My daughter REALLY loved it. She got the Chocolate syringe. If nothing else, was a fun vessel for her. She loved the ice cream bar fondue, again, simple... but yummy.

Max Brenner is sort of a Disney land type experience. In my opinion, its fun as a long as you don’t take it too seriously. I agree that maison du chocolate is superior... but I think that Max's is still have happy fun place to be.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I will never patronize any MB because the first and last time i was there over a year ago in the EV we (in addition to about another 20 people) waited in line for over an hour while the entire front section was empty. When we, lowly, paying customers, dared to asked why we were kept waiting when there were so many open, we were dismissed with so much attitude that we requested the manager, who explained, *even more rudely* that they were short staffed and that (since we were at the front of the line) we would be seated next...Which turned out not to be the case. (3 parties (same # of people as us) were seated before us after that point). My friend went back to the manager to ask why we hadn't been seated (after an hour and 20 minutes at this point) only to be reprimanded for wasting the manager's time--yes, she actually yelled at my friend who was nothing but patient and courteous with her. We stormed out along with another party right behind us. So we went around the corner and boozed it up at Decibel. None of us have ever tried to go again to a Max. As far as I'm concerned, they know what they can do with their chocolate.

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        i agree max brenner's customer service is poor, waited over 1hour and then they forgot our order, waited another hour for fondue, nothing done by management, only provided excuses