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Sep 26, 2007 09:14 AM

Boerwors sausages

Looking for more! I've tried the frozen ones from Baxters (Florence Meats) and they were really good. I've also tried the fresh ones from Sausage King at SLM. These were drier/less fatty (though maybe better healthwise...) and in need of coriander (so i added during cooking). Has anyone seen fresh Boerwors in the city? Florence Meats is in 905 oakville - a bit far for me.

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  1. The Burger Hut at 804 Sheppard Ave. East (near Leslie) used to sell them (cooked)....mmmmm. Eat-Sum-More (on Bathurst in Thornhill definitely has them - uncooked) as does Baxters (lots of other great South African food stuffs too) on Sheppard (near the Burger Hut) across from the Canadian Tire Store on Sheppard

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    1. re: Finnegan

      thanks finnegan - have you tried them? is eat-sum-more a butcher shop?

      1. re: chocabot

        I've eaten the ones at the Burger Hut and was under the impression that his supplier was Baxters. I recall they were very good. I haven't been to Eat Sum More in years but they did have a butcher section there in the past (used to get Biltong there - dried meat - great stuff when going on long canoe trips)

        1. re: Finnegan

          I thought Baxters got their Boerewors (and their biltong) from Florence Meats.

          1. re: hungry_pangolin

            they do. I think i may end up going there. i was just hoping there was a more local source for fresh boerwors. not crazy about their biltong though. too dry and tough (yeah, even for a jerky)

            1. re: chocabot

              Helpful household hint: I slice biltong thinly (max 2mm) across the grain. I know that that is not traditional, but it gets around any possible toughness. Theirs tend to be dry, I agree, but it does have good flavour. God, I miss being able to buy it in the corner shops, etc.

              1. re: hungry_pangolin

                that helps for sure. i will slice it with my cleaveer until i get a wrist cramp but tough still gets grisly even when thin.
                my dad makes his own in the food dehydrator in the garage and it's better than anything not imported claiming to be biltong.

    2. I know it's an old thread, but I just found it.

      You can get frozen kosher boerwors at Toronto Kosher on the east side of Bathurst, south of the 401.

      They also have kosher frozen at the Sobey's on Clarke, east of Bathurst (in Vaughan).

      I vaguely recall that Hartman's Meat (west side of Bathurst, between Finch and Steeles) makes their own...I do know that they had outrageously priced biltong last weekend.