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Sep 26, 2007 09:06 AM

Searching for a wonderful dinner spot in Palo Alto for next weekend

Hello there!

my fiance and i will be staying in Palo Alto next week and are looking for a great spot to get our eat on. We were there a few weeks ago and we ate at the restaurant at the 4 Seasons and another spot in town that i've forgotten the name of..

we weren't impressed by the food so far, is there any where you would suggest that would make our Palo Alto experience a bit tastier?? :-)

thanks so much ~

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  1. Ah shoot. Palo Alto really has never impressed me with it's food. If you are willing to take a little drive--try The Village Pub in Woodside. It's a great atmosphere and the food is delcious.

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        I second the vote on Tamarine, Village Pub, and Evvia in reverse order. Junnoon has great, romantic atmosphere and moxed reviews on food. See earlier threads on this board about it and Mantra.

      2. I second Claudette's ranking. Take a look at Opentable & book soon. Evvia & Tamarine are two of the more difficult restaurants to get reservations although weeknights shouldn't be as bad, but you never know.

        1. If tasty is the main criteria, and not fancy is OK, then Hyderabad House should fit the bill. It's a small Indian self-service restaurant on University Ave. downtown with the best achari gosht ever. The menu is consistently excellent and tastier than Junoon.

          For fancier places, it's indeed hard to go wrong with Evvia or Tamarine as long as you realize they are Cal/Greek and Cal/Viet.

          For even fancier food, go one town over to Mountain View and try Chez TJ.


          1. Besides those mentioned on the high end - consider Osteria, Iberia in MP but read the posts first, and find the Sushi Monster report (I think the new place on Lytton (Kampai?) that did not impress the Sushi Monster is going uphill, but need more monitoring. Mmmm, monitoring). I also continue to champion the food at NOLA - when I'm in the mood for a glorified bar meal, that's where I head, or over to the Peninsula Creamery.

            I also like iTapas, but they front they're in Tamerine's league -- they're not. However, my sister's eternal optimism of getting a walk-in table at Tamerine didn't pan out, and we ended up at iTapas, and had a fun little meal, sitting in the back by the kitchen in the big booth. We ordered about 4 courses, and the lingering meal suited us perfectly. The barsmanship at iTapas is becoming the best in Palo Alto - the big guy who runs the place is still tending bar, and has the attention to detail. I think they're way above sister-restaurant 3 seasons, which has been sliding. I like 3 seasons best as, literally, a bar meal - a few rolls and a martini, literally at the bar watching the sports channel.

            All mentioned are no-reservations spots. I don't really do reservations. Regarding Tamerine, they are on open table, and they stay open & hopping later than the Palo Alto norm. Getting a walk-in around 9, 9:30 is cake, and frankly the kitchen and staff seem a little loosened up by then.

            Don't forget the California Ave standouts, like Boquida de Medio, Cafe Brioche, and Pro Bono for old-school (and Pro Bono whips iTapas on classic coctails, were BDM suffers the common Palo Alto plague of fancy specialties but poor classics). Last night I had schwarma at Simply Med in their new, slightly expanded location, and they were better than ever. Love that joint.

            As others say - get thee to Mountain View. All the googlistas are raising food expectations, and MV's the epicenter.