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Sep 26, 2007 09:05 AM

Charlestown restaurants

Bought a place recently in Charlestown. I know about Olives and Figs. Are there any other places that are any good? Anything worthwhile in the Navy Yard? Thanks.

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  1. Navy Yard Bistro, Tangierino, Warren Tavern for the history, that cafe Sorelle's I think is the name. Is the Italian place still there across from the Foodmaster?

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    1. re: Joanie

      Watch out for the "sandwich nazi" @ Sorelle's.

    2. Joanie, I think you're referring to Paolo's? Yes, it's still there, just ate there recently, in fact. Go for their specials. Really decent pizzas, too.

      Also, Chow Thai Cafe is right next door-haven't actually stepped foot in there, but I used to order takeout all the time (when I was living in the 'hood) and I have to say I've never had a bad meal from there. Owner Dan is extremely involved in the business (to the point where he does all the deliveries himself..via moped!) and I think it shows. Good place.

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        Chow Thai is great though I have never eaten in there either. Navy Yard bistro is a great place for a good meal and nice wine. Doug the bartender is fabulous. Be aware that it can get very crowded at the bar. Paolos has good pizza and salads, but I not a fan of their pastas. They also deliver and are here in a flash. Other than that you have to venture out into the big, bad city...

      2. Zumes on Main street has great coffee and pastries. Warren Tavern is good but went there for lunch and the small salad was pretty horrible.