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Sep 26, 2007 09:04 AM

is anyone out there a fan of the Grand Central Oyster Bar??

it has been dissed a lot. wondering if anyone likes the place and if it has improved any??

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  1. I go there for the oyster stew (I'm less fond of the pan roast, in which the oysters are overwhelmed by the paprika), the clam chowder and the raw oysters and clams.

    Everything else is mediocre and overpriced.

    1. I am. They have a great new england clam chowder, and the oysters are great. This has been the case for decades...

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      1. re: tpigeon

        Ignore the naysayers.

        The GCOB has some of the consistently best and freshest seafood in NYC.

      2. I like it too - I always sit at the oyster bar, same spot at the end near the lounge, right in front of the oyster board. It's a busy spot for the counter staff but you'll get good service, plus I usually eat way too many oysters as a result of staring at that list :-)

        1. The Oyster Bar is still my favorite for raw clams/oysters and I agree that the stews are better than the pan roasts. For simple fish, you can always count on them to have a vast selection of the freshest around. I used to get their bouillabaisse from time to time and, while it's not anywhere like the ones I've had in Marseilles, it ain't half-bad. If you go with other people, show them the whispering trick in the arcade outside the main entrance. (One person stands, facing the wall, in one corner while the other stands, also facing the wall, in the corner diametrically opposite. Then whisper and you will be able to hear one another perfectly, even if there's lots of ambient noise.)

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            We did that! We were standing around under the arcade just having eaten at the oyster bar (as we do every trip), when a woman stopped to tell us about the whispering trick. She directed my 6 year old son and myself to the corners and we whispered. It was one of those magical New York moments. Thank you, whoever you are!

          2. Great selection of oysters and the stew are traditions. Now we make a special trip in the spring to visit mom and eat the Dutch style new herring. TRADITION!