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Sep 26, 2007 09:02 AM

Romantic Place in the Bershires

Hello Everyone,

I will be in Lenox Mass in the Middle of October for my 5th anniversary. I am hoping the foliage and weather hold out, as it can be so very beautiful in the Berkshires in the fall.

I have passed through this area before but have never stayed overnight or ate at any restaraunts.

Can someone please reccommend a nice place to have our 5th anniversary dinner. Maybe something with a fireplace, good wine list, seasonal menu and and of course good food.

Thank you so much for all your help.

Have a good day

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  1. Pam:

    Greetings. I am quire certain you will receive many recommendations, but for my money, based on your description, I would recommend the Old Inn on the Green (see link below). It is full of fireplaces and a great Fall feel since it is lighted entirely by candlelight. Great food and wonderful atmosphere. I hope werever you end up is memorable.

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    1. re: bhbuckley

      i will 2nd the old inn on the many of you know i always talk about john andrews, but for what you want: old inn on the green FOR SURE!

      1. re: niccole

        I would still have to go with John Andrews in South Egremont. It's around a 25 minute drive from Lenox. The seasonal menu and the foliage should be perfect.

    2. I would suggest Spice in Pittsfield, and Cafe Latino on the campus of Mass MoCA in North Adams, though it is probably more of a drive than you had in mind.

      1. Not sure if they have a fireplace, but my husband and I really enjoyed Chez Nous in Lee. Our dining experience there was fabulous in every respect.

        1. Another enthusiastic vote for Inn on the Green with Peter! (although Chez Nous is a close second,)
          Spice I wouldn't even consider.

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          1. re: cowgirlinthesand

            Please add my vote for Old Inn on the Green. I would add that, having very recently dined at both Old Inn and Chez Nous, I found more more distance between the two than I had expected, in both food and (yes,romantic) atmosphere -- although Old Inn is admittedly more of a splurge. I have been to Old Inn on numerous occasions, and I've never been disappointed. Maybe I should try Chez Nous again.

            1. re: NickM

              Well, where did you ens up for dinner?

          2. Old Inn on the Green is nothing like Chez Nous.
            Peter Platt is one of the most talented chefs in New England. The menu is wonderful, and, the wine list is incredible. James Stahl, the wine guy, is probably the most knowledgeable in the area. We love going there and have known Peter and James for years. It is a great experience. Old Inn falls in between Blantyre and one's other white tablecloth restaurants. And, Niccole, if you are reading this, we are going to John Andrews tonight...I have not been there since June and am looking forward to it. We DID go to Old Inn for my birthday in time will be in a couple weeks. But, Jude, definitely Old Inn...