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Sep 26, 2007 08:52 AM

two nights in baltimore

hello board...i will be in baltimore for two nights and would love to have my mind and taste buds blown with some amazing dinner....any suggestions?

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  1. any food preferrences or dislikes?

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      not into indian...everything else is fair game...i love itallian and also enjoy a good piece of fish...a great wine list would be the cherry on top

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      1. Where are you staying? I would definitely give Peter's Inn a shot, 504 S. Ann, Fell's Point just south of Eastern Ave. Small eclectic but always something great, decent wines, nice vibe. If you're solo you can eat at the bar. They don't take reservations so if it's a weekend or Weds eve best to arrive early (6-ish) or late, 8:30-ish. I think it's one of the most unique places in bmore, check their website ( for menu as they change weekly.

        1. Cinghiale is a recently opened Italian restaurant with a 400 label wine list, so that might be a good place to start.

          Jack's Bistro serves creative and tastebud-blowing food in a fun setting.


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            I ate @ Jack's on Sunday night and their short ribs were delish! The peppercorn and lavender icecream was also a mind blower, def recommend both dishes.

          2. Charleston is the best restaurant in the city. Just google it and you'll find reviews, menu,etc
            As for Italian, forget Little Italy even though it will upset some others on here. Sotto Sopra on Charles St. is good. Someone else here mentioned Cinghiale. It just opened and they probably haven't worked the kinks out yet but unless I'm mistaken, the owners of Charleston, Cindy Wolf and her husband Tony also own this place so, it has a good pedigree.