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Sep 26, 2007 08:49 AM

Gold Line Mission Station choices?

I am going to take a friend on the Gold Line Saturday evening and will stop for dinner at the Mission Station. I know there are a number of relatively new places there...the new wine bar, Mike and Annie's (not sure that is the correct name) and another restaurant that looks just lovely from the outside. There may be more.

Any preferences?

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  1. i like mike & ann's. don't care for 750ml and they are not really wine bar.....
    if you go little early, i would stop in at mission wine company to see what they are tasting and walk over to either mike & ann's, shiro's or briganti. other choices are bistro de la gare and firefly.
    RIP (bistro k)

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      1. bistro de la gare, natch

        1. My choices, in order:
          Bistro De La Gare
          Mike & Anne's (I liked it quite a bit, but Shiro is a bit more special, and the others above it are just more interesting)
          750 ML (I liked the food; unfortunately, after spending about $150 for the two of us, which included a relatively modestly priced bottle of wine, I was still kinda hungry)
          Firefly (my one dinner there was unexceptional; I really like their weekend brunch, though).

          1. I sort of, well, really hated Bistro de la Gare. Granted, we only had some apps since we weren't that hungry, so I cant' speak to the entrees. Potato leak soup: very leaky but it was fine. Roma tomato salad: tasteless tomatoes from the supermarket; the menu listed some sort of green which name I didn't recognize, turns out it was basil, low quality olive oil. Cheese plate: sad little hunks of cheeses from trader joes, and an even sadder, undressed, plop of salad greens from a bag, in the center. Escargots: I hadn't had these in a very long time, they were fine.
            Service was kind of awkward and slow. But they did let me swap out something I had ordered, for the escargots, which was very nice of them.
            My take away from this place was that I felt like I ate at a generic supermarket.

            Should have gone to Briganti's again. That would have been yet another really good meal.
            Firefly is pretty and romantic but the food is so very just ok.

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            1. re: slacker

     sad. Aren't Roma tomatoes meant to be cooked in sauces and such, not eaten raw, because they're firmer?

              1. re: Chowpatty

                Except in mid-winter, I would generally not want to eat Roma tomatoes raw...and why order a tomato salad that time of year anyway?

                At a bistro, it's best to stick with bistro dishes...

                Onion soup, endive & roquefort salad, & just about any of the meat courses.

                1. re: Jack Flash

                  My friend wanted it, she felt like tomatoes. If they're going to serve supermarket tomatoes then they just shouldn't serve it at all. They also shouldn't serve that really sad cheese plate. They shouldn't do these things and pretend to be French.
                  Oh yeah, the bread was some cheap tasteless stuff.