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Sep 26, 2007 08:38 AM

first time chow hound in boston looking for truffle dishes

hello board..i am a newby and will be in the boston area next week..i am craving truffles and could use some suggestions for some local itallian goodness...thanks in advance for the wonderful suggestions

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    1. Check with Grotto on Bowdoin St in Beacon Hill. I got an email recently from them that their truffle menu will be beginning soon.

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      1. re: lissy

        Grotto's truffle menu begins mid-October and goes till January. Yum!

      2. Nate -- welcome! You're a little early. Truffles tend to show up on local menus around mid to late November. Two ideas come to mind:

        - there is a super trufffled pecorino at Formaggio in Cambridge, if you'd like to pick up a hunk of cheese and enjoy your truffle that way

        - a few of the dishes at O Ya (upscale sushi near South Station) feature truffles.

        If you can wait a bit, keep your eye on Troquet's menu for truffles in the late fall.

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        1. re: yumyum

          I'm pretty sure the lobster gnocchi w/peas @ #9 has truffles in it. GREAT dish and fabulous bartending.