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Mar 19, 2006 01:13 AM

Old Port Lobster Shack

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At Last!! A real New England lobster/clam shack in the area.

We started off with the Steamers and Clam Chowder. The steamers are the real thing, Ipswich clams served with clam broth and drawn butter. The order was a good size and the clams were tasty. Non-New Englanders be warned; ask for instructions if you've never had these before, or you're liable to end up with a mouthful of sandy, rubbery, inedible stuff. The broth was a bit on the watery side, but I only used it for washing the clams.

The Clam Chowder was very good with lots of clams and no flour or other thickeners. In other words the real thing.

The Lobster Roll was also very good. It comes on a real New England style roll, which he has baked to order at a local bakery using the molds he brought from Maine. IMHO I make a better one, but I am also delighted that he will sell the rolls, so that I don't have to import them from Boston anymore. It is served with a good cole slaw and very good kettle potato chips. When he first opened he was making the chips himself, and says he will start doing that again soon, but the chips he was serving today were quite satisfactory.

The Fried Clams were heaven. They were real Ipswich whole belly clams in a very light cornmeal batter. They came with a good homemade tartar sauce. I would never put tartar sauce on anything but potato chips or fries, but it served that purpose very well.

The Fried Scallops were good, but not great. I objected to the panko crusted batter, and suggested that he treat them the same way the clams are done. He kind of agreed, and by the time we left, he said he was going to change it. They were large fairly flavorful scallops, but not as intense as the small Cape Scallops I'm used to.

The only dissapointment to us were the onion rings. They were good beer battred California style with a puffy batter. I still crave the lightly battered New England style.

All in all we were deighted to find this place, and look forward to returning often.

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  1. crawls back to the puter after I flipped over in the chair. s-s-s-s-steamers?

    I posted a how to a while ago.

    1. I'm guessing you are of the mayonnaise camp of lobster roll, since I can't imagine that you could make a better melted butter version ... I mean it is lobster and butter ... and he gets superior lobsters.

      Thanks for the tip about the steamers. Recent reports made it look like they wouldn't be back. I have to be down that way to pick up my Easter kielbasa from Polish Deli in Palo Alto. So, a stop for steamers is on the schedule.

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      1. re: rworange

        I would suggest that you call ahead and have him save some steamers for you. We were lucky and got the last of them on Saturday at lunchtime.

      2. Are Steamers much better/different than regular clams?
        Can't wait to try this place, too bad hubby is allergic to shellfish but I'm hoping I can get there with a friend this week!

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        1. re: Hungry

          They have other items besides shellfish to choose from, including fish&chips, grilled cheese and hot dogs. My husband's not a big fish fan and loved their fish&chips.

          1. re: Concetta

            I know that, I tried to tell him all the other stuff they have but I guess he's not too excited about travelling all the way to a place called Lobster Shack. Kind of like going to In-n-Out when you don't eat meat and getting grilled cheese. :(

          2. re: Hungry

            Steamers definitely are different. I think most New Englanders would say they are also much better. You'll have to decide for yourself.

            1. re: jaweino

              Agreed that they are definitely different. My wife makes me bring several pounds of steamers everytime I fly out of Logan airport. She refuses to eat Manila clams claiming that the flavor is inferior -- nowhere near as sweet and enticing as New England steamers.

            2. re: Hungry

              Steamers are soft shelled clams that are VERY different from the hard shelled variety we see here. Steamers' necks are long and covered with an inedible membrane. When properly cooked (steamed, naturally) the membrane slides right off the neck and is easily left behind. The clam is then dipped in a bath made from the steaming liquid to finish removing any residual sand. Once properly washed, the clam is then either eaten directly or dipped in a second bath of melted butter and then consumed. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

              1. re: Reuel

                This is just killing me I want some steamers so bad. It has been REALLY a long time. I forget, after removing the membrane, do you eat the neck?

                1. re: rworange

                  Absolutlely, eat the neck.

                  1. re: Reuel

                    Gawd, I've been craving them also, IIRC while in Portland on the right coast, we gripped them by the neck, gave 'em a wash in the salt liquid then a drench in the melted butter then just squeezed them out of the membrane. It's a whole different experience (taste, mouthfeel) than you'll find with any of our local bivalves.

                2. re: Reuel

                  Thanks for the info! I mean as far as taste, most people agree they are much better than regular clams?

                  1. re: Hungry

                    OK, I am not falling into that trap: I love them both. They are used in different ways. Steamers are delicous in their own right and SOME people prefer them because they are softer than hardshells; read: not as chewy.

                    I don't want to get off topic, if OPLS gets real Ipswich (soft shell) clams and offers them steamed, then, try them for yourself. They can be fantastic.

              2. Sounds great! What is the address of Old Port Lobster Shack? Thanks in advance.

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                1. re: Norm

                  Old Port Lobster Shack
                  851 Veterans Blvd
                  (Whipple Ave / Veterans Blvd X - Veterans Blvd is the exit street, no turn)
                  Redwood City, CA

                2. I can read your excitement in every word, wish there were a way to hear your Boston accent too. (g)