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Sep 26, 2007 08:30 AM

What expresso and cappucino should be

The Italians are getting serious about their national drink!

And I now need a cuppa.

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  1. God I love those Italians!! On another note, I went into a cafe last week and I saw two items "Italian capuccino" and regular capuccino. It made me laugh. OF course I tried the Italian to see if it measured up to the real thing. OF course I was very disappointed!!!

    1. There are very good espresso shops in the US but the majority like Starbucks and other chains are turning out crap laced with lots of milk, sugar and flavorings. I have been in too many espresso cafes where the person making the coffee, I just can't call them a barista, served a 6oz cup of strong coffee with no crema and thought that was a douple espresso. I remember asking if they could redo it correctly and why the lack of crema and they said "oh we can add cream to that for you" Not a clue! My espresso at home falls within the Italian discription of espresso. Same with lattes and capuccino.