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Where to buy sushi-grade fish?

I really want to start making sushi, but I'm afraid of getting sketchy fish. Help!

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    1. Any Japanese market...Mitsuwa, Marukai, etc.

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        The best quality sushi grade fish is at Granada market on Sawtelle.

      2. fish king in glendale. excellent.

        1. Mitsuwa & Marukai are both very good (and consistent) options - there's several of each spread out through the LA/OC area. Smaller japanese markets are a hit and miss in terms of quality, so get recommendations before hitting those places up.

          You can also try upscale markets (Whole Foods, Gelson's, Wild Oats, Bristol Farms, etc.) for sashimi/sushi-grade fish. Be sure to talk to the fish person to see what's fresh.


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            Little Tokyo...Alameda and 4th
            FISH KING
            Gelndale Ave, just north of the 134

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              Santa Monica Seafood (Colorado store in SM) rarely has fresh sushi grade fish, they do have frozen--mostly maguro and hamachi but little else.

            2. 99 Ranch Markets have excellent quality sashimi grade fish for far less than the Fish King. I haven't tried it, and remain a bit dubious, but the Sherman Oaks Trader Joes has started carrying what they call sashimi grade ahi.

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                gotta be kidding me.... 99 ranch market fish is cheap but not a good quality at all....

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                  amen. some stuff is pretty good, though certainly not sushi grade. but it always seems there's like half of it that i wouldn't eat even cooked.

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                    hey people! 99 Ranch Markets import a lot of their seafood from China, so beware about pesticide and antibiotic content. They DO NOT sell sushi grade fish!

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                      Actually, they do. It's wrapped and in the cooler, like at Marukai... but Marukai is better.

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                        I've always found great fish at 99 Ranch in Sherman Oaks. Its the freshest we've been able to find for our sushi rolling parties. Salmon and Albacore were especially delicious.

              2. They have Ahi at How's this week, $10.99 and the add says sushi grade, has anyone had How's seafood. I love How's meats and poultry! I wish they would open closer to me.

                1. Wake up early and go to the International Marine Products market in downtown at 5am, when they open. Where many of the sushi chefs get their goods.

                  International Marine Products
                  500 E 7th St, Los Angeles, CA
                  (213) 688-2577

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                    Add to that:

                    Los Angeles Fish Company
                    420 Stanford Ave
                    Los Angeles, CA 90013-2121
                    (213) 629-1213

                    Hours of Operation:
                    Mon-Fri: 06:00am-03:00pm
                    Sat 06:00am-11:00am

                    Plenty other places, once you learn your way in the neighborhood.

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                      any place around san bernardino county to get sushi grade fish?

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                      I was under the impression that IMP only sells wholesale?

                    3. Marukai market has an impressive selection of sushi and sashimi-grade fish.

                      1. we are talking about sushi here. You Can't go wrong with Little Tokyo. On a side note. i don't think Sushi is where you would want to cut corners. If you can't afford top grade fish for home then forget it all together or go to a sushi restaurant. It will probably cost less than the copay at the ER. if you just want to pay a lower price for the fish you get, usually markets will give you a better price for a larger purchase. As with any raw food there is a risk regardless... so good luck.

                        1. Don't be afraid. Just make sure you get good fish, and keep it on ice in your fridge, and be sure to drink sake with your sushi. Go to Nijiya on Sawtelle or the aforementioned Mitsuwa market.

                          1. I second Granada Market, better selection than Hide or Nijiya on sawtelle. Mama-san's the best.

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                              Best fresh crab,during the season, is at Granada. If they don't like the looks of what they are offered, they will not buy it and they will not sell it. I trust Granada more than any other purveyor.

                            2. Ebisu Supermarket
                              18930-40 Brookhurst Street
                              Fountain Valley, California, 92708
                              Hours of Operation Mon-Sat 9:30am-7pm and Sunday 9:30am-6:30pm
                              Telephone (714) 962-2108 / (714) 962-2072

                              Cheaper than Marukai and Mitsuwa

                              Ebisu Restaurants
                              356 E 2nd St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

                              1. Bring an Igloo (or reasonable facsimile) with ice. I bring a big zip lock of ice, take it out, put fish on bottom and empty the ice onto. You can keep it like that for hours.

                                On ice is good, under ice is better.

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                                  Marukai/Mitsuwa usually have free ice in their fish dept for your taking. =)

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                                    Next to the ice machines are sometimes styrofoam containers they get seafood shipments in are yours for the asking.

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                                      Thank you...that was news to me! =)

                                      EDIT: btw, I saw shirts with your name on them in HI ("monku, monku, monku"). ;)

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                                        I always keep one of those empty styro fish boxes in my trunk. Always comes in handy.

                                        Thanks for the tip on the shirts.

                                        1. re: monku

                                          See if they have the ones that say "I'm with baka" and an arrow pointing to the side... ;-D>

                                          1. re: Servorg


                                            Better not be the side the wife is on....

                                            1. re: OCAnn

                                              Don't worry...my wife will be wearing it with two arrows - one pointing in each direction... ;-D>

                                2. I tried International Marine once in the early morning but they would not let us in. We walked down to LA Fish Co and got some of the best tuna I've ever had. It helps to have a Japanese speaker with you.

                                  As a side note, park near the fish market or else you'll be wandering skid row with a cooler full of expensive seafood. Doing that makes you a jerk.

                                  1. Yama Seafood
                                    911 W Las Tunas Dr
                                    San Gabriel, CA 91776
                                    (626) 281-8045

                                    Tiny Japanese market with a tiny sign. Just down the street from the Mitsuwa in San Gabriel.