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Sep 26, 2007 08:21 AM

Wife Birthday Dinner

Wife’s b-day Friday and we are near Detroit. Wife loves Maine Lobster and I love steak. I was thinking Morton’s, Shulas or Ruth Chris?

Any Suggestions?
Which one is better?
Any places near here better?
Not too stuffy yet very nice special place



Prefer not to have to wear a jacket!

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  1. Holiday Market (Royal Oak) Lobster Fest is this weekend--lobster for 8.99 a pound. They'll cook it for you for a buck extra per lobster. We did this last year and the lobster was FANTASTIC! You wouldn't have to wear a jacket to have a nice dinner at home. They also have filet on sale and I don't think I've ever gotten bad meat from them.

    Have you tried McCormick and Schmick? I've heard good things. I hesitate to recommend Mitchells as my experience there has been uneven.

    Lily's Seafood in RO is good, not sure about the beef (they have it but when at a seafood restaurant...)

    1. I read a review that Shulas has "no feminine frills." Would your wife be ok with that on her birthday? If she loves lobster, take her to a seafood place, maybe a Muer restaurant, not a steak restaurant. I've been to McCormick and Schmicks and had great seafood, but the ambiance there too is a little masculine. How about Meriwether's in Southfield (Muer owned)?