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Sep 26, 2007 08:02 AM

Vegetarians on Chowhound?

I am new to Chowhound, so I apologize if this is obvious or this topic has been discussed to death already, but is there a vegetarian board or blog or other area here? It seems to me that vegetarian foodies NEED a Chowhound forum to discuss their experiences in "regular" (not specifically vegetarian) eateries. How else are we going to know which restaurants have decent vegan options and which try to serve you a steamed veggie plate, or who sneaks chicken stock into their tomato soup and whose pumpkin gnocchi is to DIE for?? I'd love to know if there's support for such a forum/board and if Chowhound has any plans to add one.

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  1. It seems appropriate that these discussions should occur within the existing structure of regional boards. After all, would a vegetarian in Charlotte benefit from an in-depth discussion of which restaurants in Phoenix use lard in their refried beans? Only if that vegetarian is traveling to another city, in which case posting a visitor inquiry on the appropriate regional board is the best strategy. On my local board, I've seen plenty of inquiries about vegetarian options at local restaurants with appropriate responses from locals who know best.

    1. If you link to a Place, be sure to update the Place's 'Cuisine Tag' to include vegan or vegetarian as appropriate. Add Factual comments in the 'What you should know' field. BTW the Primary Cuisine option for Vegetarian for me is confusing - I want to know what KIND of vegetarian food first - so I don't recommend it.

      Not being a vegetarian but wanting to eat veggie on occasion, I can search for qualifying places using tags Easily. When I *don't* see vegetarian or vegan friendly in the tags, I assume that the restaurant may not make any special effort to accomodate you.

      If the restaurant is misleading vegans or vegetarians, by all means open a new topic in the appropriate location board and tell everyone!

      Just my plug to encourage everyone to use Search first!