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In Search of Maria's (Tacos or Tortillas) in East Durham?

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At the Forest Hills block party in Durham, we had catering from a restaurant called Maria's Tacos or Maria's Tortillas. The person who got it doesn't exactly know where the restaurant is except it's on highway 98 (holloway) past East Village. I'm having a hard time getting any other info. They had the best chicken mole! I have an open house coming up and I need to feed 26 people... and I thought this would be a great solution. Anyone know? Anyone have an alternative?

I ate at Super Taqueria on Monday... loved the tacos and the tamale was sweet and light. I love all attention that the Durham Mexican restaurants have received lately. Along with the best BBQ and other southern delights, I can now rub all the great Mexican food in my NYC friends' faces.

Thanks in advance, romo (former new yorker, now living in durham)

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