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Good Places To Have Lunch In SOHO?

I recently started a new job in SOHO (Grand and Broadway) and I would love to get some recommendations as to where I should go for lunch. So far I have not really enjoyed the restaurants and deli stores that I have been to. Any help would be great because I could really use a delicious lunch for a change.

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  1. DespaƱa is terrific. Great Spanish sandwiches and a few prepared items. Cendrillon also has a lunch menu, though I've only been for dinner.

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      Cendrillon??????? is there a new Cendrillon? The one I knew was Romy's place that closed and he is now at Purple Yam in Brooklyn.
      Despana has the best hand sliced ham, anywhere!
      Mooncake is a good lunch place.
      Aqua Grill is good.
      I'm not sure if Kittichai is open for lunch but worth a try.
      12 chairs is great for Sunday Brunch , don't know what's up during the week.
      Ed's Lobster is near Broadway and Grand. Not sure if they open for lunch , but i think so. Not sure about Osteria Morini but worth a try
      cross Canal and go to Cercle Rouge. or Greenwich Grill

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        This post is from 2007. Cendrillon is still closed.

    2. Agreed that Despana is fantastic -- my personal favorite! Interesting food items to browse while your sandwich is being prepared. Quality ingredients on ciabatta from Sullivan St. Bakery. And the tortilla espanola is fairly authentic (the smell hits you right when you walk in)...

      Another great place is Hoomoos Asli, kind of catty-corner from Despana; I think it's on Kenmare? Great falafel and schawarma, as well as something they call a "health sandwich" -- sauteed eggplant, sliced hardboiled egg, hummus, and some ingredients I'm forgetting. Good, chewy pitas.

      Balthazar is also fairly close to you, though I don't know if that's what you're looking for. Very bustling, "Soho NY" kind of scene, lots of tourists but the food is decent and worth a try.

      If you've got some time to take a walk, though, there's always Chinatown...might be too much of a walk to squeeze in if you've only got an hour for lunch, but lots of tasty (and cheap) finds there.

      1. P.S. Forgot to mention La Esquina, right next to Hoomoos Asli, which has good soft tacos (haven't tried anything else). And Eileen's Cheesecake is right there too...

        1. Not sure what you tried and didn't like, or what you're looking for, but I love Broome Street Bar, at Broome and West Broadway. Quick, decent burgers and sandwiches. Nice folks, and window seats to watch the parade passing by.

          1. The Calexico cart on Wooster and Prince is great!


            1. Not entirely sure what you are looking for. Price range? Sit down lunches? Take out?

              You are right on the border of Chinatown, which has millions of cheap lunch options. Don't forget Saigon bakery on grand and mott.

              Banh Mi Saigon
              198 Grand St, New York, NY 10013

              1. you have to go to cafe habana...get a cuab sand. and corn on the cob.

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                  Cafe Habana is overrated and the quality of the food has gone down in the past few years - and they've gotten away with it because the lines are still out the door and around the corner. It has also become overrun by NYU students. So unless you like your corn on the cob completely burnt and served with a side of loud and pretentious 19 and 20 year olds, avoid it.

                2. I also love Despana. You can also try Cafe Falai. May be Ed's Lobster Bar for some lobster rolls.

                  1. I used to work down there and I really miss the food

                    -Columbine (good sandwiches, soups, salads)
                    -Franklin Station (eat-in or delivery, I used to love the spicy chicken sandwich)
                    -Hampton Chutney Company (westernized dosas and utapahs)
                    -Olives (sandwiches, salads, their avocado sandwich on thursdays is delicious)

                    -Lovely Day (Thai, nice atmosphere)
                    -Mooncake (so yummy, eat in or delivery)
                    -Snack (good Greek)

                    Hope this helps...

                    1. hampton chutney co. on prince near lafayette is my goto soho lunch spot. there is also a really good mexian place called lupe's on 6th ave and watts. we order from there at work and it's delish. but i have never seen it or been inside.

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                        Hampton Chutney Co is great if you don't mind bland Indian food. It is an Indian fusion place, and I think the food there is nice because it is not at all greasy, and the combination of traditional Indian ingredients alongside things like spinach and cheese is tasty. Just be warned, it's pretty bland in comparison to the usual Indian meal.

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                          Spinach isn't a traditional Indian ingredient?

                          I think the Indian stuff at Hampton is pretty good for what it is, but I've really disliked the other sandwiches and such that I've had there. Bland is definitely the word.

                      2. Soho Park - 62 Prince

                        Nolita House - 47 East Houston

                        Olives - 120 Prince St

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                        1. I love Mooncake.

                          I also like the Hummus place (http://www.hummusplace.com/#) but I'm north of you and it's still a trek for me, so that might be too far.

                          Cafe Duke, on Mercer between Spring and Prince, has a lot of different stuff--sandwiches, sushi, salad bar, etc--but I really enjoy their pasta bar, where you pick a pasta, toppings, and sauce, and they make it up for you.

                          When my team goes out for a sit-down lunch on special occasions, we love Lure fish bar on Mercer and Prince. I love that place.

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                              Eastanah isn't bad also for Indonesian/Malaysian.

                              212 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012

                            2. Best Soho lunch:

                              Snack on Thompson St. btwn Prince and Spring. Perfect Greek food in the most charming little restaurant. It's very cozy, and the food is fresh and light and very flavorful. There are only 5 tables, though, so you may not get seating.

                              1. i'm loving Once Upon a Tart these days- Chicken Pot Pie on a cold day last week made our day!

                                Thomspon Cafe for salads & sandwiches, though haven't been eating from there lately. they have great cookies.
                                Vesuvio for sandwiches
                                Il Corallo Trattoria for great pasta lunch specials w/ soup or salad
                                Noho Star, Nolita House, Aroma, Kelley & Ping, Soho Park are in my office's rotation to mix it up.
                                Lure & Mercer Kitchen for rare occassions, happy hour, and restaurant week lunches
                                Love Calexico
                                Ed's for lobster roll cravings
                                Hoomoos Asli for falafel

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                                  Lure Fishbar is my current favorite for happy hour -- $1 oysters/clams, cheap and tasty apps (chicken lollipops especially), $4 beers. 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

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                                    This is an old thread, but OUT was NOT good, my salad was limp with no dressing and the red bell pepper tart was lacking.

                                  2. I live and work in the same area, my personal favorites are:
                                    - Ba'al: falafel sandwich
                                    - Piccola Cucina on Prince: Arancini, Parmigiana di Melanzane, carpaccios and other sicilian treats
                                    - Boqueria: at lunch every sandwich comes with patatas bravas and a salad.
                                    - Thompson Finest Deli: deli salads made to order
                                    - Broome Street Bar: quick burger
                                    - Burger & Barrel: real burger
                                    - Despana: spanish bites (not a big fan of their sandwiches)
                                    - Nespresso: the most expensive but delicious ice coffee.
                                    - Vive la Crepe: sweet or savory crepes
                                    - Cafe Habana: cuban sandwich
                                    - Saigon bakery: bahn mi sandwich