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Weekend in Philly - dinner recs needed

In Philly with a group next weekend - Oct. 5-7 - (Canadian Thanksgiving BTW...)
We're arriving Friday night and leaving Sunday morning, officiating the Dragon Boat races on the Schuylkill river.
We only have two dinners out (b-fast and lunch taken care of) and would prefer not to eat at the hotel we're at (Holiday Inn at 400 Arch St.) If you can recommend some places within walking distance of the hotel, I would appreciate it. I can get other driveable recs by searching this board (ie. for cheesesteaks, etc...).
Casual places preferred, ~$15 entrees with a decent beer/wine selection. Last year a few of us went to Jack's Firehouse on Fairmont, which was close and decent.

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  1. You are in Old City so check out the postings for there. Also Northern Liberties - Standard Tap, North 3rd

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      Northern Liberties, Standard Tap, North 3rd... eating establishments or neighborhoods?

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        Northern Liberties is a neighborhood. Standard Tap & North 3rd are two great gastropubs in that neighborhood.

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          Thanks Decker, sorry nurse, I was rushing...

    2. There's a very good sushi place, Kisso, less than a block from your hotel at 4th and Race. Chloe is also near there, on Arch between 2nd and 3rd, I was never a big fan of that place but a lot of people here are. It's BYO though, and it seems like you'd prefer places that serve alcohol.

      You're just north of the Old City area, most places down there aren't so great and the ones that are great mostly don't meet your price point and/or beer/wine needs. Maybe the Society Hill Hotel? The Triumph Brewery is also down there, they have decent food and beer, I'm not sure about the prices though, Old City tends to be more expensive.

      Chinatown is also not far from there, about half a mile west. There are many excellent places there for not a lot of cash. I really like Rangoon.

      Northern Liberties is the neighborhood to the north, but walking there is not as easy, you have to cross some wide, busy streets.

      1. Just in Philly 2 weekends ago. Check out Tavern 17 on 17th near Rittenhouse Square. I'm not familiar with where you are staying, but this place was great and different. www.tavern17.com.

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          I strongly reccomend AGAINST Tavern 17. It's a culinary nightmare. I reccomend places in Old City and Northern Liberties - there is plenty there. Chloe is a favorite in that area but a TOUCH above your budget. I love Eulogy for beer and the fries. Azure for caribbean/mexican. Raddicho for Italian.

        2. Radiccio is a really nice Italian restaurant, blocks from your hotel. It's on 4th and Vine; not a long walk from your hotel. It gets pretty crowded; not sure if they take reservations or not (I've gone early).

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            Radiccio doesn't take reservations, so get there before 6 p.m., if possible. Tables do turn over relatively quickly.

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              Radiccio is also a BYOB. But their food is always very good and fresh.

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                There is a Wine and Spirits store (State Store) on 2nd st between Market and Arch - it is not the best place to get wine, but you could likely find something if going BYO

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                  One off-topic question: If you're not a Philly resident, is it legal to bring wine from Jersey to drink at a BYOB in Philly? I hear that it's illegal to buy and bring liquor to PA...but does the rule apply if you're not a resident?

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                    Actually, it's not legal. But do it anyway.

          2. This is what I realized while going through more expensive restaurants in Philly: I want to go back to Raddiccio. Seriously, try Raddiccio. If you like seafood and Italian, you won't be disappointed. It's about 10-15 min walk from your hotel, I'd say. If you do drive, there are a lot of parking spots around the restaurant.

            1. (Sigh)
              Now we're staying at the Hilton at 4200 City Avenue, which I'm sure changes everything! Better hotel, different location. New recs would be appreciated... :)
              Also, any grocery stores around the area?

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                Oof! From a food point of view, you got shafted. I don't think there's a single good restaurant you can walk to from there. You're just a short cab ride away from Manayunk though, and the Art Museum area isn't too far away. I'd check for Manayunk recs on the board.

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                  agreed with buckethead! the hotel is way nicer, true, but to me anyway, it's just a bed. i don't think there is anything but a friday's within walking distance. i recently picked a friend up from there for dinner and took her immediately down to the city! in addition to manayunk and art museum areas, you'll also be 3 or 4 miles from the main line (a fancy term for the train tracks that rte 30 parallels). along there you'll find some cute towns with nice options, most of which are on 30 itself so are easy to find - search for bryn mawr, ardmore, haverford, rosemont on the board. two off the top of my head are thai pepper in ardmore and carmine's creole cafe in bryn mawr. as far as grocery stores go, i know there is a whole foods nearby off rt-30 in wynnewood (it's really easy, head south on 1, hang a right on 30, it's on your right not far up) and i'm sure i've passed others on 1 (city ave) as well.