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Sep 26, 2007 07:42 AM

Wedding Gift - Portsmouth - Pesce Blue or Black Trumpet or ??

Two friends are getting married in October, and I want to send them gift certificate for a nice dinner after they return from their very brief honeymoon trip. Sort of a "go-out-and-enjoy-yourselves-now-that-the craziness-of-the-wedding-is-past" gift.

They live in Portsmouth and enjoy eating out, though their budget is limited so it is not a frequent splurge. I know nothing of Portsmouth, but searching posts on the board here, it seems like either Pesce Blue or Black Trumpet may be the way to go to treat for a nicer night out. Am I on target? Recommendations of one or the other? Is there somewhere great I am missing?


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  1. Another option is a Portsmouth gift card that is good for many places in Portsmouth, so they can decide for themeselves where to go.

    Works fine as long as you use it all at one place at one time. We had an issue trying to use up the last $10 the day after going to Pesce Blue (I thought it was just ok for the $$) because it sort of works like a credit card - so if used at a restaurant the card is left open for tips, so it can't be used again until it is closed out. Shouldn't be too much of a problem for them if they live there though.

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      Thank you! This might be ideal, as I am not sure what might their favorite spot. I didn't know such a thing existed. Must check out the website more.

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        I wasn't aware of Portsmouth a la Carte. It looks like they have a pretty good selection.

        However, I have given a couple of gift certificates from and they worked out pretty well. It looks like the list of places is slightly different, but there are options outside of Portsmouth also.

        Fwiw, we used the certificate this year at Cafe Mediterraneo this past Sunday. It was OK, but no one was really impressed. We all liked Radici (across the street) a lot better.

        I'm told that if you don't use the entire card, you can use the remainder (via a separate gift certificate) at the same restaurant.

      2. I think you're on target with these two places -- in my experience at least, these are the best two places in Portsmouth. I'd opt for Black Trumpet given only one choice, but either should be an enjoyable treat.

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          Good to know I was picking up on the right spots. Thank you!