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Mar 19, 2006 12:30 AM

Won Ton Dumplings/Noodles in SF Chinatown

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Staying in Union Sq and have a craving for HK style won ton dumpling/noodles within walking distance. Which place would you recommend in SF Chinatown (if not in SF Chinatown, where)?

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  1. Chinatown has many places for wonton/noodle soups. I can't claim to be an expert as I don't particularly like the skinny HK noodles, but I like ABC Bakery on Jackson between Grant and Kearny for its HK style atmosphere. (This "atmosphere" extends to communications difficulty; I can ask three time if they can just give me won tons without the noodles, the server will nod her head three times, and then bring me the Won Tons WITH the noodles.) They also have a good won ton/swei gao combination, which I do like.


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      next time try say "kyain won ton" when you order.

    2. My vote for best Wonton noodle house in SF Chinatown, used to eat here at least once a week. Besides Wonton my other favories were tripe, brisket, pig's feet.... dang I sure do miss the place

      Hon's Wun Tun House
      648 Kearny St
      San Francisco, CA 94108-1830