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Sep 26, 2007 07:20 AM

Ideas for outdoor dinner in Providence tonight?

We planned to split a pizza at Al Forno to soak up the atmosphere on what is probably the last summerlike day this year, but they have closed up the outdoor patio. Boo. I knew Venda expanded to dinner (from just lunch) so I called and was told "wkends only now". I'm trying to think of a place w/outdoor seating in a pretty location.....Zooma? Place is pretty, but sitting on the street not so much. Waterplace/Pinellis? Anyone been? I went once and thought it was ok...I've heard NOTHING since then. I think La Laiterie's outdoor tables only accommodate 2 people and there are 3 in our group. We're looking to split a pizza and/or some apps, and enjoy a couple of glasses of reasonably priced wine. Ideas?

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  1. Does anyone know the name of the new restaurant at DePasquale, in the old Viola's location?

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      I think the new place at DePasquale is called Salute. I haven't heard anything about Salute yet and a google search isn't turning anything up. What about CAV? I haven't been in a few years, but heard that they have outdoor dining on the patio area. Not sure if the outdoor area is still open for the season.

    2. good call!
      was up on the hill this past weekend - dunno the name of the 'new' voila's but constantino's, geppetto's and caffe dolce vita were all hoppin.

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        I think we'll end up at Waterplace. My friend suggested Caffe Dolce Vita, but while I like the food, those resin tables and chairs are a bummer to me.

      2. The Waterplace Park location has (at least posted) a nearly identical menu to Twist on Wayland Square. I noticed this while walking to the mall and was very disappointed - I expected something a little higher-end than Twist in that gorgeous location. Do report on the menu if you go? I'd love to be wrong!

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          Well, in all fairness, expensive and moderate have both been tried (and failed) at that location. Lower to mid-Twist-esque may not be such a bad idea there...

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            We ended up at Waterman Grille. It was pretty good. The pizza was a bit of a disappointment....overcooked and a bit dried out. I had an appetizer of Humboldt Fog cheese w/local honeycomb and 2 whole wheat crackers - I laughed to myself when the miniscule portion was put in front of me, but in the end it was just the right amount for the richness involved (and the small price of $4.50 I think?). Wines were good and very reasonable. One friend had short ribs w/Israeli couscous (the usual Wed night special and she said it was excellent).

        2. I just thougth of another place... Cafe Nuovo.

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          1. Thanks for all your suggestions. I made a res at Waterplace so we're not left w/nothing, but I may play it by ear and leave it up to the 3rd member of the group, as she's fairly new to the area. We'll lay out the options (better food vs better view, etc) and let her pick.