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Sep 26, 2007 06:50 AM

Best pizza pie in Northern NJ(Bergen)

Since I moved to NJ, i've tried different pizza places but they were all just plain and soggy.
Any good pie in Englewood, Tenafly, Dumont, Bergenfield and Teaneck area?

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  1. For a true Neopolitan pizza (not the standard NJ pie), you MUST try A Mano in Ridgewood. I now find it hard to eat 'regular' pizza!

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      Thin crust -- Kinchley's in Mahwah (too far for your request) or Brooklyn or New Brooklyn (I don't remember the actual name) in Hackensack. Also in Mahwah, down the road from Kinchley's, is Roxanne's. For regular pizza -- in Fort Lee, there's Pizza Chef, always one of my favorites. That's about as close as I can get -- wish I could help you closer to home. Good luck.


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        This place could hold it's own in Naples.Some people will either get it or they wont?It's a shame that none of the neapolitan places outside of Naples can really offer the pale, blonde style done at the famous Da Michelle in Naples.The customers here just aren't ready for that yet.For now this is as close as you're likely to get.

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          A Mano IS great, but they overcharge for pies you could easily eat by yourself. Brooklyn Pizza in Ridgewood is not quite as good as A Mano, but their portions are much larger and they are still excellent quality. My recommendation to those who REALLY want to try great pizza is Di Fara. It's in Brooklyn, but this pizza is among the true best in the world.

        2. My favorite "traditional" pizza in Bergen County is Brick's in Wyckoff and Aldo's in Glen Rock (different names, same great pizza, Aldo's was a Brick's until Aldo bought the place several years ago, and thank goodness he was smart enough to keep making the same pizza). I know Brick's used to have a location in Tenafly, but I don't know if they still do. There's also a location in Montclair. True brick oven pizza.

          Turvino's in Glen Rock also makes a very good traditional pizza. Kinchley's in Ramsey (Mahwah?) and Nellie's Place in Waldwick both make outstanding bar pies. Brooklyn Pizza in Hackensack and Ridgewood make a very good pie too, but it's a bit different. Fresh mozzarella is dropped in splotches over the pie rather than the cheese melting all over the pie.

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            Turvino's has the worst pizza I have ever had in NJ. Wrong for so many reasons. Crust so rubbery my jaw hurt,. I don't see how they have the nerve to send it out. Underdone, too much disgusting cheese.

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              I'd have to disagree, Turvino's pizza is on of the best. They're practically an institution in Glen Rock! You can tell they use the best quality ingredients - and the prices are great... Maybe andi caught a bad night..? Hard to believe, but I've been going there for 25 years and will definitely continue to do so!

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                How much different are the prices compared to other mediocre pizza take-out places in the area?

                Do you think that cheese is of the "best quality?"

          2. In Teaneck, I recommend Victors on Cedar Lane. Second choice is Angelos in Bogota, just below the Teaneck border on Queen Anne Road. If all goes well, you'll see three pics, the first shows the whole pie, and there was a shift in the toppings due to the ride home, the second and third are the sausage and pepperoni toppings in closeup.

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              By the way, all three are of a pizza from Victors of Teaneck.

            2. i can tell you that the pizza in tenafly is worthless.

              when i was growing up there, the best in the area was leonia pizzeria. sadly, it closed years ago.

              1. Goodhealthgourmet is wrong! Tenafly Pizza & Restaurant, aka TPR, has some of the best pizza around. I don't live up in northern NJ, but visit family & always stop there for pizza. The pizza tastes even better when you order slices at the counter, but all of their food is delicious. It's located next to the Stop & Shop in the center of town. Enjoy!

                Sonny's in Englewood, on Grand Ave., is also very good.

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                  i can only speak from past experience...but i must admit it's been quite a few years since my last TPR experience. perhaps it's improved...?

                  apologies if they now serve passable pies :)

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                    you have got to be on drugs

                    their pizza is nowhere near good
                    i would compare it to rudys in closter which is terrible

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                      i would compare it to rudys in closter which is terrible

                      There's a reason for that......TPK and Rudy's are both owned by the same family.....their recipes are also used for all the Bensi restaurants dotting the state.

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                      You must be related to TPR or something...ilive in Tenafly and pizza from TPR was nothing more than ok.