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Best pizza pie in Northern NJ(Bergen)

Since I moved to NJ, i've tried different pizza places but they were all just plain and soggy.
Any good pie in Englewood, Tenafly, Dumont, Bergenfield and Teaneck area?

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  1. For a true Neopolitan pizza (not the standard NJ pie), you MUST try A Mano in Ridgewood. I now find it hard to eat 'regular' pizza!

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      Thin crust -- Kinchley's in Mahwah (too far for your request) or Brooklyn or New Brooklyn (I don't remember the actual name) in Hackensack. Also in Mahwah, down the road from Kinchley's, is Roxanne's. For regular pizza -- in Fort Lee, there's Pizza Chef, always one of my favorites. That's about as close as I can get -- wish I could help you closer to home. Good luck.


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        This place could hold it's own in Naples.Some people will either get it or they wont?It's a shame that none of the neapolitan places outside of Naples can really offer the pale, blonde style done at the famous Da Michelle in Naples.The customers here just aren't ready for that yet.For now this is as close as you're likely to get.

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          A Mano IS great, but they overcharge for pies you could easily eat by yourself. Brooklyn Pizza in Ridgewood is not quite as good as A Mano, but their portions are much larger and they are still excellent quality. My recommendation to those who REALLY want to try great pizza is Di Fara. It's in Brooklyn, but this pizza is among the true best in the world.

        2. My favorite "traditional" pizza in Bergen County is Brick's in Wyckoff and Aldo's in Glen Rock (different names, same great pizza, Aldo's was a Brick's until Aldo bought the place several years ago, and thank goodness he was smart enough to keep making the same pizza). I know Brick's used to have a location in Tenafly, but I don't know if they still do. There's also a location in Montclair. True brick oven pizza.

          Turvino's in Glen Rock also makes a very good traditional pizza. Kinchley's in Ramsey (Mahwah?) and Nellie's Place in Waldwick both make outstanding bar pies. Brooklyn Pizza in Hackensack and Ridgewood make a very good pie too, but it's a bit different. Fresh mozzarella is dropped in splotches over the pie rather than the cheese melting all over the pie.

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            Turvino's has the worst pizza I have ever had in NJ. Wrong for so many reasons. Crust so rubbery my jaw hurt,. I don't see how they have the nerve to send it out. Underdone, too much disgusting cheese.

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              I'd have to disagree, Turvino's pizza is on of the best. They're practically an institution in Glen Rock! You can tell they use the best quality ingredients - and the prices are great... Maybe andi caught a bad night..? Hard to believe, but I've been going there for 25 years and will definitely continue to do so!

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                How much different are the prices compared to other mediocre pizza take-out places in the area?

                Do you think that cheese is of the "best quality?"

          2. In Teaneck, I recommend Victors on Cedar Lane. Second choice is Angelos in Bogota, just below the Teaneck border on Queen Anne Road. If all goes well, you'll see three pics, the first shows the whole pie, and there was a shift in the toppings due to the ride home, the second and third are the sausage and pepperoni toppings in closeup.

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              By the way, all three are of a pizza from Victors of Teaneck.

            2. i can tell you that the pizza in tenafly is worthless.

              when i was growing up there, the best in the area was leonia pizzeria. sadly, it closed years ago.

              1. Goodhealthgourmet is wrong! Tenafly Pizza & Restaurant, aka TPR, has some of the best pizza around. I don't live up in northern NJ, but visit family & always stop there for pizza. The pizza tastes even better when you order slices at the counter, but all of their food is delicious. It's located next to the Stop & Shop in the center of town. Enjoy!

                Sonny's in Englewood, on Grand Ave., is also very good.

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                  i can only speak from past experience...but i must admit it's been quite a few years since my last TPR experience. perhaps it's improved...?

                  apologies if they now serve passable pies :)

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                    you have got to be on drugs

                    their pizza is nowhere near good
                    i would compare it to rudys in closter which is terrible

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                      i would compare it to rudys in closter which is terrible

                      There's a reason for that......TPK and Rudy's are both owned by the same family.....their recipes are also used for all the Bensi restaurants dotting the state.

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                      You must be related to TPR or something...ilive in Tenafly and pizza from TPR was nothing more than ok.

                    3. All pies benefit from being consumed on site. Try Cassie's on Dean Street in Englewood, but eat it in—its has a thin crust and does not stay crispy and hot when delivered.

                      1. Brooklyn Pizza on Hackensack Ave. near FDU and Target in, guess where, Hackensack is the best in Bergen County.

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                          I agree, but it was just out of the targeted towns, so I did not mention it.

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                            It's funny but I've had both Brooklyn Pizzas- Hackensack and Ridgewood and I have to say that although they're almost the same the Hackensack restaurant is a little better. They seem to cover the pizza a little better with toppings the the toppings tasted fresher. Either way I Brooklyn beats out A Mano just on price and quantity.

                            A Mano
                            Ridgewood, NJ, Ridgewood, NJ

                            Brooklyn Pizza
                            482 Race St, Rahway, NJ 07065

                          2. If you can get to the Saddle Brook Mall on Rt 46 in Saddle Brook, there is a Pizza Place there called Frank's. They make the most wonderful pizza (the Saddle Brook Mall is where the Walmart is) . They prolly have about a dozen varieties. Worth the trip.

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                              The Brooklyn Coal Oven in Hackensack is about two minutes from Cedar Lane in Teaneck. Go over the bridge into Hackensack, turn right. Look on your left. Reach Route 4? You went too far.


                              Take Rt. 4 west to Hackensack Ave. under the underpass. Go about 1/4 mile on Hackensack ave. and it's on your right

                            2. I love LaBella's in Garfield NJ and Mario's in Clifton is very good also.

                              1. The problem is that Bergen County pizza is not really great. You have to leave this area to get great pizza (go to Hudson County or the city). However, for regular (non-Neopolitian) pie, I would recommend two places in the county: Bergenfield Pizza and John's Pizza. These pizzas are great because they use flavorful, but light sauce, just enough cheese, and the pizza is always thin and crusty. Plus, other non-pizza items on their menus are great. At John's, I recommend the pizza bread and at Bergenfield, I recommend the italian heros.

                                John's Pizza
                                14 25 River Rd, Fair Lawn, NJ

                                Bergenfield Pizzeria
                                344 S Washington Ave, Bergenfield, NJ 07621

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                                  I severely doubt your sense of judgement with the generalization that Bergen Pizza sucks. What I would say is that MOST pizza in bergen is either Domino's quality (very suckish), about average, or a few places that are great, but are not on par with the excellent quality, portions, and service I expect from the greatest pizza parlors in the world. Try Kinchley's pizza in Mahwah for some very appetizing thin crust, and for regular crust, it depends how hungry you are. In the event you just want a snack, A Mano is the best pizza in bergen, but their portions are smaller than kid's size for adult-size prices. If you want a full meal, try Brooklyn Pizza in Ridgewood. Their prices are similar to A Mano's, but they are about as good, and with full size, or even bigger than normal pizzas. The one problem with them: cash only.

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                                    I'd be hard-pressed to feel the need to eat more than a whole pie at A Mano, and I'm a big eater.

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                                      A Mano is beyond wonderful.
                                      No atmosphere but a wonderful Grandma's pie is to be found at Renato's on Maple in Ridgewood.
                                      Now for a classic treat since 1931 try the garlic pie in Patsy's 7th ave and 17th in Paterson.
                                      Easy parking and for you of the faint of heart don't be scared it is totall y a safe neighborhood.
                                      Little Italy circa 1931 and prices to match.
                                      I will hold you hand if you go and you pay.
                                      I am broke
                                      Forza Pizza

                                      Patsy's Tavern & Restuarant
                                      72 7th Ave, Paterson, NJ 07524

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                                        My favorite, I travel from HoHoKus two X a month to North Bergen, to Sorrentinos' 79th st and Begenline Ave across from the park. HIs Square pie is to die for and so is his food. Great family run business, no pretention, just great food. Try Mama's homemade tiramisu. Their sauces are great, they also sell them to go.

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                                          You don't like Sicilian Sun in HoHoKus?

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                                            Sorry I don't know of any places in the areas the original poster listed but here are my suggestions for bergen county.

                                            The Grandma's style Pizza at Mario's in Maywood is my favorite.

                                            There is also a Ray's pizza in Closter that is very good.

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                                              Not really Karma K. Its always crowded because it's the only game in town. I'll travel for good pizza, love L&B Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn too. We were there Saturday Nite, you have to try it ,great Sicilian slices and the people watching is unsurpassed. I felt like the 70's were alive and well. Also ,our friend makes pies at Keste in NYC, great pie too, but too long of a wait.

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                                                A Mano in Ridgewood is where Roberto from Keste started.
                                                This is a top top pizza place with great staff
                                                byob run not walk

                                                A Mano
                                                Ridgewood, NJ, Ridgewood, NJ

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                                                  My husband grew up in the area around L&Bs and jersey pizza is never good enough for him until he discovered the Grandma's pie at Marios that mentioned. It is the same sauce on top kind of pizza and he loves it.

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                                                    I'll preface this by saying that things may have changed in the past two years, but I worked for a while in Englewood proper and used to get a really nice square slice there at Vittorio's in the Shop Rite shopping center. It had the cheese on the bottom, and it was topped with a pulpy tomato sauce with fresh herbs and a ton of garlic- crispy on the bottom, and not too thick. It's not exactly like L&B's, but quite good for the area.

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                                          There's 2 basic types of pizza in NJ. Bar pies and slice pizza. And, let's face it. NJ slice pizza SUCKS.

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                                            Try A Mano in Ridgewood. Then tell us if you still think all Jersey Pizza sucks.
                                            I doubt it, This is Pizza on a level hard to match anywhere !!!!

                                            A Mano
                                            Ridgewood, NJ, Ridgewood, NJ

                                            1. re: FreeWally

                                              They don't have SLICE Pizza. Please read my post again.

                                              1. re: menton1

                                                Agreed. Pizza in NJ seems to have morphed into this over-sauced over-cheesed overly-oily under-cooked mess, probably in part due to people wanting more "stuff" on their pizza, and businesses moving toward lower quality ingredients. And of course having pies sit around for hours and then reheated compounds the issue.

                                                The best Jersey style pizza that I've had in a very long time is Pizza Town in Elmwood park. I suspect it tastes exactly like it did 40 years ago. It's exceptional in its class.

                                                But it's hard to argue with success, and there are more people than not who think the local pizza place is really good.

                                                1. re: tommy

                                                  Baggio's in Fort Lee would be another exception to that general rule. They have a really nice crust, thin and crisp, and the cheese is used sparingly (it kind of reminds me of New Park in Howard Beach, if anybody's been there). I'm pretty sure they do slices, but I usually go there from exit 2 of the PIP so we get whole pies to go.

                                          2. re: fallenangel811

                                            I have to strongly disagree. I moved to DC 19 years ago, and find myself dreaming of a good slice of Sal's in Ramsey, or Kinchleys. You guys do not know what you have up there - it does not exist ANYWHERE outside of the NY Metro area. Believe me, nothing can compare to pleathora of great slice places in Bergan County.

                                            1. re: KevinS

                                              I think statistically speaking, fallenangel is correct. Most of the pizza sucks.

                                              I pass 3 pizza places on the way to the train, none of which I'd consider decent at all.

                                              1. re: tommy

                                                I remember when living there I used to whine also. But there are still alot of places that have been around, seemingly forever, that are good. I mean just good, standard NJ slice pizza. THAT's what I miss so desperately. That’s what does not exist anywhere else, and I used to take it for granted. Well, now I know! In DC, I can get all the authentic Neopolitan pies I want, but cannot get a decent, commercial slice.

                                                1. re: KevinS

                                                  It's interesting how Neapolitan style has exploded in the past two years, all over the country, and in places where no decent pizza existed. At least you have that.

                                                  And then of course there's a wonderful business opportunity. Making NJ/NY style pizza isn't very difficult.

                                                2. re: tommy

                                                  That was MY comment, (March 31). No plagiarism involved either...Hmmm..

                                                  Slice pizza is the worst. Oxidized, not enough sauce, breading too thick, etc.

                                                  About 18 years ago, I remember stumbling upon a GREAT slice pizza just above the PATH station in Journal Sq, Jersey City. I wonder if that's still there and if it's still good. Benny Tudino's in Hoboken wasn't bad, either, (not as good as JC) but I never get to those places anymore, not convenient to my usual whereabouts.

                                          3. Roman Inn, Englewood. Better than average suburban pie. Take out only. They make good subs too.

                                            Roman Inn
                                            19 W Hudson Ave, Englewood, NJ 07631

                                            1. First, let me say that I am a thin crust pizza person. Not really into toppings including an over abundance of cheese. When the sauce is dark, I already know that pizza is heading downhill. Currently, my favorite local pizza is Ray's in Cresskill. It is not as thin as Kinchley's but also does not have that cracker quality to the crust. Nice, flavorful crust, clean tasting sauce without the cheese looking like it wants to slide away from the crust as you attempt a bite. To reflect on some of the other pizza mentioned in this entry. TPR is fair for pizza, thick crust, but OK in a pinch. Roman Inn gets a similiar comment. Cassie's has a delicious Margarita pie but they are a bit pricey across the board. A place called The Right Pizza in Teaneck was absolutely horrible, thick crust, disgusting sauce. Every time I drive by it. I can't believe it is still open. I love pizza and could eat it daily but there is a dearth of good pizza in BC.

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                                                There are, weirdly enough, 2 pizza stores right next to each other in Cresskill! The one on the left is the former Pier 1 type-store(forgot the name) and the one on the right is the old deli that had several owners. (There was a 3rd right across the street, but it closed!) The one on the left is always packed, and the right side is fairly empty. Which one is Ray's?

                                                P.S. Popularity isn't much of an indicator of quality, it seems. Just look at the packed parking lots in front of Charlie Brown's and PF Chang's. Awful, forgettable food, yet...

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                                                  I had the worst pizza in NJ last nite. Amano in Ridgewood. We were there after a long time away from the place. We thought we would try it again. We were regulars when Roberto was there and when Antonio made the pies with him. Our pie was undercooked, mozzarella not melted. We sent it back and the second pie was burnt. I guess thats the only way to get the cheese to melt. very disappointing.They did not charge us for the pie .I guess if you don't know what a Neopolitan pie tastes like ,it will pass. I will stick with my trips to NYC and Keste, Robertos new home.

                                                  1. re: doxy216

                                                    i beg to differe re A Mano
                                                    took the family there last night and had a wonderful, we paid full price because a portion of the proceeds was going to chatrity
                                                    the kids loved the fried calamari and the fresca salad.
                                                    the lasagna was devoured
                                                    we had three pies one plain and two topped with artichoke
                                                    less is more
                                                    all were perfectly made witha nice char
                                                    the reason that the cheese doesnt melt because it is fresh mutz if feeling ricj go for the bufalo mutz.
                                                    all the pizza makers are swell and competent.
                                                    The Mexican makers throughout the sate sure do fine pies.
                                                    well prcied well worth it and byob with good gelato
                                                    one of my favs
                                                    i have eaten pizza in about 300 places in nj and this is a top ten place

                                                    A Mano
                                                    Ridgewood, NJ, Ridgewood, NJ

                                                    1. re: foodismylife

                                                      Since Friday night is pizza night, my vote is for The Sicilian Sun in Ho-Ho-Kus and A Mano in Ridgewood....both very different styles, but equally tasty.

                                                      A Mano
                                                      Ridgewood, NJ, Ridgewood, NJ

                                                    2. re: doxy216

                                                      Haven't been to A Mano in a long time so I can't comment on recent changes, but the guys at Ah' Pizz in Montclair certainly know how to make authentic Neopolitan pizza...!

                                                      Ah' Pizz
                                                      7 N Willow St, Montclair, NJ 07042

                                                2. My cousin ordered pizza from Cresskill pizza and like most of the restaurants in NJ, I didn't think much of it nor did I have any expectation but what a pleasant surprise! I loved the pizza...a bit salty but it had good crust(with nice little bubbles which indicates that they cooked it in high tempt) and didn't get soggy til the end. The flavor was very nice too..nice acidic sweet tomato sauce..maybe they use san marzano variety.