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Sep 26, 2007 06:35 AM

Cafe Du Monde in a drip coffeemaker?

I found Cafe Du Monde at my local Asian grocery store. I didn't see any of those Vietnamese coffee makers there that others have mentioned on the boards - and since I live in east Tennessee, there are hardly any other Asians here, let alone other Asian grocery stores to find them in. Can I use my regular drip coffeemaker with this coffee?

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  1. Sure. It's not vietnamese coffee, it's from New Orleans. Is it pure coffee, or is it the chicory blend? If chicory, use less than normal, I have a very hard time getting it to come out less thick than motor oil. Maybe some true natives will weigh in on proper brewing methods (I've only lived in NO 9 years :) ).

    1. Yes but use less than what you'd normally use, if you're going to drink it as regular coffee. If you're making Vietnamese coffee, I don't know how much they use but it's strong.

      1. I've used it in a drip, but have cut it half n' half with regular (no chicory) coffee since I prefer slightly less chicory flavor. It seems to be a similar grind to Choc Full o' Nuts and other canned pre-ground coffee.

        1. A lot of Vietnamese restaurants actually use the Cafe du Monde. You can definetly use a regular drip coffee maker; I used one for years before buying the Viet. style, also called Belgian drip makers. You can find them in most Asian market or online for 1.50-3.00 each. I actually find my single cup Melita drip maker easier and just as good; it just doesnt look as cool. If you use regular coffee (french roast) in either a drip or the Viet. a trick I learned in a Vietnamese restuarant is to sprinkle a little salt onto the coffee before you either add the water or let it percolate.

          One thing that's important is useing the FULL CREAM sweetend condensed milk not the FILLED milk (its mixed with soy milk) Black and White or Longevity brands are good. I think both are from Holland and found in most Asian markets. The full cream is harder to find, but I find that the filled milk has an odd texture/consistency Black and White makes both so read the label carefully cuz they look identical.

          1. Sure, and if you want to make cafe au lait as we do here in NOLA , then make it strong and pour 1/2 milk into your cup ( simultaneously ) with the coffee.

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              BTW, you may want to warm your milk first.