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Sep 26, 2007 06:10 AM

Restaurants Near Ram's Head Live in Baltimore

Concert tonight. (queens of the stone age, rock on!!)

But I've never been to B'more.

Has to be decent.
Has to be close by or...
Has to be open past 12

Let me know if you have any ideas.
Otherwise i'll be eating a Chipotle burrito on the drive up there.

And it's about 1.5 hours from downtown to DC during rush hour right?


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  1. it can take anywhere from 40 minutes to three hours to get from DC to B'More depending on traffic. It's never the same because one accident can ruin 95 (or 495) for hours.

    Is Rams Head in the Inner Harbor?

    1. Rams Head Live is in the Inner Harbor, the meca for chains in Baltimore. You'll be hard pushed to find anywhere to eat after 12pm in Baltimore but RHLive is in the PowerPlant and there are plenty of options.

      The Rams Head Live Tavern has a decent bar menu and you're able to get into the restaurant and dine early preshow, check the website for their menu.
      There's also a plethora of places in the Power Plant Live to eat, check their website for more

      A block south towards the harbor and within a short walk there is: PF Changs, Fogo do Churo [?], Capital Grille, McCormick and Schmicks, Hard Rock Cafe, BluBambo, Chipotle, ESPN, 5 guys burgers etc...a couple of blocks East there is Little Italy and if you're driving in from DC and take 95, you'll come straight down Boston Street and pass thru Fells Point, where there are plenty more places to eat.

      Where you eat prob depends on what time you get to Baltimore and if you want to see the opening act or not. If QOTSA don't go on until 10pm, then you have a decent amount of time to hit any number of places. Coming from 95 you'll pass by Canton/O'Donnell Square, Butchers Hill/Patterson Park area etc....

      I'd recommend checking the web sites, figure out what time you think you'll get here and what you're going to want to eat and take it from there. Have fun, QOTSA rock!

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      1. re: aussiewonder

        > You'll be hard pushed to find anywhere to eat after 12pm in Baltimore

        Except in Little Italy.

        1. re: Hal Laurent

          You're right Hal! And I forgot that Bartenders on Boston street, Nam Kang and some of the other Korean haunts, and Jack's Bistro in Canton serve until 1am, although you can never be sure you'll make last kitchen call if you're coming from a show. Esp in a town that is not known for late night food.

        2. re: aussiewonder

          paper moon is 24/7...but not in the inner habor.

          1. re: Jeserf

            Ok, I'm going to retract the statement that there's NO where to eat after 12pm in Baltimore. There are places, but they generally take some navigating and some of them are in neighbourhoods/locations that are hard to find/sketchy at best/not close to Rams Head Live.
            Still, this is not NYC or SE Asia where there are a plethora of options (high and cheap), and street fare runs the gamut and the food only gets better the later it gets. That, i'll stand by.

            1. re: aussiewonder

              the inner harbor doesn't really have "chow worthy" food.

              if someone wants to get a decent meal/food after 12, it's possible. Blue Moon is open thursday-sunday from 11pm on...Paper Moon is 24/7, countless bars for food, Golden West serves food at the bar 'til closing time. BOP is open late.

              drive a few minutes away from the harbor and there are options.

              but no, no place is NYC with street food.

          2. re: aussiewonder

            <Coming from 95 you'll pass by Canton/O'Donnell Square, Butchers Hill/Patterson Park area etc....>

            Um, not coming up 95 from DC you won't. You'll get off before the tunnel, dump onto Conway probably and come down Pratt. That's before O'Donnell et al. That said, as everyone has indicated, if you want to eat pre-show, you should drive past RHL and the Inner Harbor to Little Italty, Canton, Fells etc. scope of the eats elsewhere, then come back.

          3. What about Babalu Grill? It's practically next door, they probably serve late but I don't know that for a fact, it's been awhile but I remember the food being pretty decent (Cuban/Latin). I ate at RHL once before a concert - suffice it to say - never again!

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            1. re: bkath

              Babalu is overpriced and not very good in my opinion. I'd rather get a burger from 5 guys or a burrito from Chipotle.

              The Dog Pub (formerly Thirsty Dog) is also open until 2pm I think - it's in Fed Hill, yummy little pizzas.

            2. Thanks everybody. Great show, started really early, so it was straight from work to the concert. I"ll be back (c) Arnold.