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Northport Restaurants

I'm going to be starting a 6 week run of a show at the new theatre in Northport. It's on Main Street where the old movie theatre. I was just curious as to any good spots to eat in the immediate area (where I don't have to move my car) since I'm sure I'll be getting there way early and want to eat. I did see a cute coffeehouse across the street from it - worth it?


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  1. I used to like the 'Sea Shanty' on Woodbine Avenue.

    The Northport Sweet Shoppe has great homemade ice cream.

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      Sea Shanty is gone, now a new sushi place i havnt been to yet, Newsday gave it a good review.

      Skippers is good pub food. The place across the street from Skippers is very good, cant remember what its called though.

      Maroni is supposedly one of the best Italian restaurant on LI, but i havent been yet.

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        Is the Main Street Cafe what's across from Skippers? If that's the place the food is good.

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          yes, main st cafe, i really have enjoyed that place the few times i have been, regarding the below, i think the ritz cafe is nothing special.

      1. There is Auntie A's right across the street.....it's more than a pizzeria (pizza stuff is good too)

        1. The bakery in town has great soups, breads, sandwiches.

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            I saw a few bakeries in town - do you happen to know the name?? Thanks!

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              Bakery in Northport is Copenhagen's I think it is on Woodbine. Has soup, I think quiche and sandwiches as well

          2. Maroni Cuisine is fantastic

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              I love this place! My waist can only handle going there a few times a year :-)

            2. Northport is great, but for more food options, you can head over, about 5 minutes, to downtown Huntington for a bevy of options.

              Honu - http://www.bluehonurestaurant.com/
              Mac's Steakhouse - http://www.macssteakhouse.com/
              Tomo Hibachi/Sushi
              Prime - http://www.restaurantprime.com/
              Aix en Provence - www.aixli.com
              American Burger Co. - www.americanburgercompany.com
              Bistro Cassis - www.bistrocassis.com
              Besito Mexican - www.besitomex.com

              Among others.

              1. I just want you to know that I live in Northport and I have tried so many restaurants around town. Auntie A's is by far the best. It is down right great food! Her desserts are fabulous and the quality of her food is really good. Everything is fresh. Maroni is ok, but you really need to try this place. It's like being in grandma's kitchen again.