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Sep 26, 2007 05:45 AM

DFW Dallas | Best Bistros

Where are they?
I'm really craving a small quaint joint along the lines of a Greenville Bar and Grill.
A place that isn't off the charts expensive.
I recently moved back to Dallas and don't know where the good bistros are.

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  1. Greenville Bar and Grill was more of a bar with good food than a bistro, so I'll make suggestions along those lines. If you want a restaurant with a good bar, I'd recommend the newly revitalized Grape. The Grape has reasonable prices (as well as some higher priced items) and a good bar, but it's not a bar scene place like GBG was.

    As far as a bar with really good food, I highly recommend The Old Monk. They have a small but very good menu with a nice variety of items. And one of the best bars in Dallas.

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      I like Old Monk and along those sames lines, I'd also recommend Libertine or Meridian Room.

      1. re: HuongStar

        Good suggestions - same owners for all three! I love the Meridian Room!

        1. re: dalaimama

          i like libertine and the meridian room a lot, but those guys do not own the Old Monk

          another suggestion: Urbano Paninoteca, on McKinney Ave. husband-and-wife own it, in a neat building, low-key but cool

          all of the new-ish lombardi places have a quaint bistro vibe: Taverna (italian), Toulouse (french), and Sangria (Spanish)

          and finally La Duni, both branches

    2. Vickery Park - awesome music, great staff, fantastic "bar" food.

      The Libertine - In terms of food and beer selection, a little more upscale than VP, but I like VP better all-around.

      I'd agree with The Grape, as well. I'm a big fan.

      1. I never thought of GBG as particularly quaint but the best true bistro in Dallas is Suze on NW Hwy. I've had hit and miss at the Grape and they've had a revolving door of chefs.

          1. Great neighborhood bar with great food - Cock and Bull who has Hugh Stewart, former chef of Jeroboam

            For something more akin to a bistro try Daniele Osteria