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Sep 26, 2007 05:22 AM

places to eat in Tucson

I will be visiting Tucson in 2 weeks and would love suggestions of where to eat

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  1. What do you like? How many days? Price range? Etc.?

    1. just about any type of food establishment done well.

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        hello.. I highly recommend you eat at Poca Cosa, their is a larger resturant and a little one. The little one is called The Little Poca Cosa and the larger one is Cafe Poca Cosa. the little one is only breakfast and lunch, prices $7.00-8.50 loud music and much more casual atmosphere, Cafe Poca Cosa prices are $9 and up and much more of a relaxed very lovely eating experience. BOth places the food rocks the soul, menu at the the large one changes twice a day and is on a chalkboard brought to your table! I also recommend Barrio Grill, pricey, great ambiance, and lovely wine. Daisy Mae's steakhouse is awesome too! Hope this helps you out some and enjoy your Tucson stay..... Cheers!

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        Poca Cosa and Feast are two outstanding, unique local restaurants.

        1. Another vote for Poca Cosa! We always have the "chef's choice" lunch, where you get 3 servings of different entrees, totally up to the chef. With the two of us, we get to taste 6 different entrees. But, the portions are big! You will not go away hungry - and unsatisfied in any way!

          1. I love Pico de Gallo in South Tucson on 6th Ave for lunch or a snack. Very local and very cheap. The quesadilla is fab and of course the pico de gallo-non traditonal in that it is fresh fruit(Mango, coconut, pineapple, melon, etc.) sprinkled with chile powder. Sounds weird, but it is a must.