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Sep 26, 2007 05:13 AM

Middle Eastern restaurant in central FL?

Back home in PA, we have some great syrian restaurants.....lamb on the rod, peppers, garlic sauce and syrian bread. Any places in the Orlando area?

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  1. There is Jerusalem in Kissimmee at 192 and 535 and then there is Cedar's on Restaurant Row on Sand Lake Road.

    1. For some great Lebanese food, try...

      Tony's Deli
      1323 N Mills Ave
      Orlando, FL 32803
      (407) 898-6689

      1. It may be a bit far off for you but if you want great lebanese try Cedar's Cafe in melbourne florida. the address should be on their site. I go there at least once a week for my tabouli fix

          1. There is a Turkish place in Winter Park on Park Ave, Bosphorous
            The food would be similar to what you would eat at Syrian restaurant. The place itself is nicely decorated and sitting outside on a cool night is great. Their hummus, falafel, baba ghanoush are sort of the turkish version of these... might not be up to par with other arab/middle eastern in the NE or upper midwest.