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Sep 26, 2007 05:01 AM

Best pie (or slice) without the wait?

I'll finally be back in the city around Thanksgiving and wanted to hear some opinions on Manhattan's best pie options without the ridiculous lunch and dinnertime waits. I don't mind 10-15 minutes or so, but 45 to an hour for pizza will only be tolerated at difara. So what have you guys got?

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  1. I would say if you are looking for a great version of the standard "pizza by the slice" then try Sal & Carmine's on Broadway near 101 St. We are not talking "artisanal" pizza here, just a good solid version of street pizza. Otherwise try the by-the-slice entrance to Patsy's on 1st Ave at 117 Street. This is real old fashioned NY pizza as served up in the 1940s and 50's. Be forewarned: I haven't had a slice from either place in quite a while.

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    1. re: Brian W

      Second on the Sal and Carmine rec.

      Best slice in the city, IMHO

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        Yeah, these are both very good options, and I've never had to wait more than a minute or two for slices at either place. I usually go with a whole pie at Patsy's because sometimes the turnover on slices is a little low when I'm there, but the regular slices at Sal and Carmine's are usually pretty fresh and heat up quite nicely. I've eaten at both places recently; some people contend that Patsy's has gone downhill recently, and I don't have the data to argue with that, but I can say it's still my favorite pizza in Manhattan. And Sal and Carmine's is still extremely good.

      2. If you are on the UES, I highly recommend either Delizia on 1st Ave btwn 73rd and 74th or Gotham Pizza on York and 77th. Both just really delicious, though Gotham has a ridiculous Grandma slice and also makes an organic whole wheat crust that I've been meaning to try.

        1. I'm a regular at Two Boots on Greenwich Ave. I think their selection of pizzas are great...affordable, tasty, plus never really THAT crowded (whether that speaks to just how good their pizza is I leave to your discretion---but hey, tastes good to me!)

          I like to eats.

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            while two boots has some very creative and interesting toppings, its not real NY pizza...its a chain and originated in New Orleans..the pizza tastes pretty good cuz of the topping, but other than that, IMO, it is poor quality, you can't fold it without it cracking, the dough is mediocre and saw is the sauce, cheese and crust.

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              Actually originated on Avenue A NYC in 1987. I was there. Not for purists but I still like their bayou beast-andouille, jalapeno and crawfish after all these years.

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            1. I absolutely love Bleecker Street Pizza. I think it is better than Joe's and John's in the hood. I just don't undersatnd why it is not more crowded (not that I want it to be). The sauce and the cheese are so well balanced.

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                Their grandma slice is good (I bought a t-shirt) but I've had better-Adrienne's, Maffei, Vinny Vincenz, Jianno's Pizza truck, Rocco's, L&B, DiFara's, Muzzarella and Lazzara's to name a few.