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Taipan Mai Fun

jumpingmonk Sep 26, 2007 04:43 AM

as I mat be making a trip to Chinatown in a week does anybody know exatcy what Taipan or (Taipang) Mai fun (or Mee fun is) I know ith will be thin rice noodles but beyond that I am in the dark.

  1. Brian S Sep 29, 2007 06:40 PM

    Are you going to Amazing 66? They have it. All I could find on Google was this description from a New Jersey newspaper: "a heap of fresh seafood and meat stir-fried with noodles"

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    1. re: Brian S
      jumpingmonk Nov 14, 2007 04:13 PM

      Okay I've now had Taipang twice (I though it was best to try more than one place's before posting) and so can aswer my orginal question (in case anyone else is interested)
      In most respects Taipang mai fun is more or less the same in formula to Amony (Aka Ha Moon aka Xia Men etc) in that the base is rice noodles (of course) with assored fresh vegetables (usually mushrooms, scallions, carrots, and green bell pepper) and pieces of chinese pickled cabbage. Where the two seem to differ is in the selections of proteins invloved. Whereas Amoy usually contains pork (roasted or ham) chicken and shrimp, Taipan seems to be shrimp, scallop, and squid (which may be dried squid it's a little hard to tell) I also today bumped into Ying Yang mai fun which seems to be only on the menu of the Canton Kitchen (formers CF resuraunt) on Hester. This is rice noodes cokked with an assorment of dried seafoods, (squid, shrimp and something which may be some sort of mollusk, maybe conch or oyster) any I reccomend it only to those who love the taste of dried seafood immensley. Will post agin if I bum into any other ineresting mai fun variations.

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