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Sep 26, 2007 02:16 AM

Smoke vs. Crackling ( a porchetta question)

I am going to be making my second pork belly "porchetta" on my Weber using the indirect hot smoking method this week.

The pork belly is rolled up with wild fennel (just starting to pop up along the freeway here in South Africa), chili, lemon zezt and all the other goodies inside, and tie it before throwing it on the Weber.

My question:

Can smoke actually permeate the pork rind and get to the meat in the two to three hours it will be on the barbecue? ( i cant really remember how smokey the meat was last time, just that is was incredibly tender and delicouse.)

I love the whole porchetta, rolled and tied method but maybe I would have a more delicousely smokey end product if I left it open.....

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