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Sep 26, 2007 01:53 AM

Hairy Crab in Shanghai

Hi everyone,

We're in Shanghai for the first time in several years this week for the womens' world cup and have a pretty specific question we're hoping someone can help with. We've been all through the boards already doing research for this trip (xlb at jjtb today was fantastic--we'll likely do 2 or 3 times while here!) and headed to Xiao Nan Guo tonight.

Hairy Crab. We've read that this is one of several things to make sure to try when here in Autumn but then someone here at our hotel said it's still too early (which we're hoping isn't true since we're only here until October 1st).

Where would hounds recommend going for this? price isn't important. neither is decor/atmosphere. most interested in the best food (of course!).

And, is it really too early? If so, not worth getting?

Thank you.

MW Hound

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  1. A little late for this reply but as you probably have found out already it's still early for hairy crabs. Unfortunately for you this is a great year for crabs (well, not really **for** them, but for people who like them) as the harvest is expected to be plentiful. Next year is another story as government control is set to come into effect and the harvest will be cut in half.

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      According to this article, they should have been available SOMEWHERE in Shanghai by the 15th. The hotels usually wait until later, when the crabs are fatter and more roe is present to schedule their crab feasts.

      1. re: Xiao Yang

        I ate hairy crab in Hong Kong earlier this week (and the restaurant seemed to have lots of the little blighters in the fridge - I checked them for hairy-ness!)
        I was very impressed and would highly recommend trying it.