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Sep 25, 2007 10:52 PM

Caramel Apple question

I recently saw mini caramel apples made in Iron Chef America, using a melon baller and wood skewars and I loved the idea and plan to make them for an upcoming get together. However, I cannot remember the last time I ate a caramel apple, nevermind making them. This may sound dumb, but if I make them the day before, how long should I take them out of the fridge before serving (if at all before)?

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  1. I did not see that show, however when we have made them in the past we stored them at room temp...the carmel was softer... I know the candy stores also store them at room temp... they sound really good : )

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    1. re: Kimala

      So, I should not even bother refrigerating them overnight? Works for me! I hope they are as good as they sound. The prob with caramel apples is that they are just toooooo much. These tiny ones seem less cumbersome.

      1. re: Justpaula

        I like the idea of smaller "apples"- I would also like to add more to them than just caramel- dip into caramel- them white chocolate- then caramel- then milk chocolate- then into caramel- then into dark chocolate- then back into caramel then into toasted pecans! HEAVENLY

        1. re: MeffaBabe

          Do you have any problems with caramel sticking to the flesh of apple? Any tricks to doing that? With the idea of then into choc, nuts-am too tempted!!

          1. re: dklipscomb

            If you can get your apples from a farmers market, the caramel usually sticks a little better because it isn't coated in that wax that supermarket apples are.

            Also, it could be that the caramel is just too hot when it's dipped...

            1. re: adamclyde

              I think the recipe the OP is talking about involves little apple balls made with the melon baller...hence no skin for it to stick to. Perhaps a dusting in sugar or would make the flesh 'drier' and allow the caramel to stick rather than just sliding right off? Never tried just guessing. Anybody else have a thought?

              1. re: wawajb

                if it's those melon balled ones, then I'm not sure. I suppose dusting sugar dusting could work as you suggest. Powdered/confectioners sugar would probably be best.

            2. re: dklipscomb

              you might need to get your caramel thicker/cooler so it doesn't run off as much

      2. Saw the show last weekend. Had a good laugh with DH over tiny caramel apples. If I am going to have something that decadent I would want a large size apple. This may be cheating, but to me melting the Kraft caramels turns out to be the best method. You will want surface to be really, really dry. Concur on storing at room temp.

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        1. re: Diane in Bexley

          So I guess when I used some cheap mix from a box and it tasted not so good and slid off of the apples I had picked fresh from the orchard the week before, I got what I desserved? I actually thought that melting caramels was the "real" way. Is there a "scratch" method. Also, sometimes you can get ladyapples, more than one bite, smaller than a regular-sized one--a compromise...

          1. re: Shayna Madel

            well, we won't punish you for using boxed caramels for fresh from the orchard apples. :)

            below is my recipe for caramel. It's a pretty standard recipe and it tastes just great on apples. For apples, just don't go over 248 or it will get too hard.

            There are two ways I've done the "dipping." The first is to just take the caramel off of the burner when it reaches about 248-ish (it will rise a degree or two after it comes off, so may want to take it off 2-3 degrees earlier). When it cools to about 175-ish, dip them. Make sure the apples are clean and really, really dry.

            The second is what I do with my little kids, who I don't trust around hot caramel. I pour out some caramel on a wax paper into about a 7-inch, thin circle and let it cool to almost room temperature. Then you wrap the caramel around the apple and peel off the wax paper. It isn't quite as pretty, but it quickly evens out and it's much safer for the kiddies...


            • 2 cup heavy cream
            • 2 cup sugar
            • 1 cup corn syrup
            • 1 tsp salt
            • 8 Tbs unsalted butter
            • 1/2 tsp vanilla

            Put all the ingredients – except for the butter and vanilla – into a high-sided saucepan (Use one that is larger than you think you’ll need). Have a pastry brush available in a glass with water just covering the bristles.

            Stir the mixture over medium heat with a clean spoon until the sugar dissolves. Wash down the pan's sides with the brush.

            Add the butter and stir just until it melts and is well-incorporated and the mixture begins to boil. Cook without stirring until the syrup is above 248, the firm-ball stage.

            Add the vanilla, mix well, and pour the mixture into the prepared pan and allow to cool for candies.

            1. re: adamclyde

              Thanks for the recipe. It clings to the apples? That crap I bought at the orchard just kept sliding off. It was really gross. I may have to try this. I hate when things on the stove involve a thermometer, but I do love a challenge. About how many apples should this cover, assuming not mega-sized?

              1. re: Shayna Madel

                yeah, it does cling to the apple, believe it or not.

                How many... hmm... good question. My guess is that this will give you about a dozen good sized apples.

                Good luck!

        2. Brilliant - smaller apples = higher ratio of caramel to apple! Yum!

          1. I thought the apples that were done with the melon baller were "candied" apples?
            Was I sleeping?

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            1. re: chef chicklet

              I thought candied apples were the bright red shellacked things?

              1. re: wawajb

                Yes were they not the little bite size ones that the guest and winning chef put out? Maybe I'm mistaken???

                1. re: wawajb

                  Candy apples are the red ones. Caramel apples are a different thing.

              2. I am trying to make the mini ones like I saw on Iron Chef America. I thought they'd be perfect for my pre-schooler's class. However, all the juice from the apples is making the caramel pool at the bottom. They look perfect right after dipping, but when the juice starts to mix with the caramel....big mess. I have tried letting them cool at room temp and in the fridge. I am using melted candy caramels. Any suggestions???

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                1. re: danikaw5

                  Don't know how to fix your problem, but if you can get lady apples, they are about 3-4 bites and won't be wet. Not sure if they will be to pricey for what you want to spend.

                  1. re: danikaw5

                    i think you need a diff variety of apple

                    1. re: danikaw5

                      I would dip them in the red candied apple prep that you can get at the grocery. Having the hard handy now to seal the juices and then dip in caramel and or chocolate.

                      Never occurred that about the juices, thanks for posting danikaw.

                      1. re: chef chicklet

                        I am debating the "melon ball" apples, but dipped in chocolate, then caramel. then chocolate and nuts to maybe seal in that way. Just love the idea of bite size and you can eat one or a dozen!

                        1. re: dklipscomb

                          here is a link for the tiny apples I can't remember,but I think someone on CH gave me the link.

                          lady apples are tiny, I have made them I just didn' t know their name. I made these but refrigeration is really key to keeping the caramel on the apples. Wash them well let them dry well, and then proceed. Chill til it sets up.

                          1. re: dklipscomb

                            At first my caramel apples were perfect. Then all the caramel slid off into a slimy little pile. Using confectioners sugar did not work. Dipping in chocolate first and then caramel was better. I hope you have more luck than I did. They are really cute though.