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Sep 25, 2007 10:28 PM

Range chicken hor fun soup (aka Pho ga) @ Huang's Kitchen, SF

Craving pho ga at Turtle Tower on Sunday after reading Dave MP's report, I bided my time until nearly 2pm before heading over to Larkin. Silly me, thinking that there'd be no line at that time --- wrong!

So I wandered a little, stopping to read the white board outside the newish Huang's Kitchen a block away. Top of the board was duck hor fun (rice noodle) soup, then range chicken hor fun soup. Normally, I'd jump for the duck, but having eaten duck the previous two days, I decided to order the range chicken version.

While this place promotes itself as "Chinese Cuisine" and the proprietors are from China and not Vietnam, this was pretty much straight ahead pho ga with the added attraction of being made with fresh rice noodles. This was a very good version, and my request for all dark meat was honored. The serving of tasty free-range chicken, poached and then served off the bone with the firm skin, was quite generous. Chewy, velvety fresh rice noodles, flowed easily through the clean chicken broth without clumping together. The stock was not quite as rich as Turtle Tower's, but still very good with the taste of the bones and just a bit of sweetness in the finish. The bowl was topped with fragrant chopped cilantro and a bit of green onion, and bean sprouts, jalapeno, basil and lemon were served on the side.

Image of Huang's range chicken hor fun soup with accompaniments -

All in all, a very satisfying lunch that was good to the last drop for $5.50, plus tax and tip. The interior of Huang's is bright and contemporary and a step up from many of the Tenderloin neighbors though not luxe by any means. I'll certainly be back to try more, as this place is good on its own and not just as back up when TT's too busy. The staff spoke Cantonese with each other. Free delivery between 1pm and 9pm, minimum $15.

Anyone else tried it?

Huang's Kitchen
611 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA 94109

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  1. have u had pho ga at turtle tower? they do not give a lot of chicken. while the flavors are there, the biggest problem is how brittle and soft/overcooked the noodles are (ive attached a photo though it doesnt show much)

    in general im not a huge fan of the place

    if u ever are in sj, try pho kim long, they got a killer version there

    i will be checking out huang's asap, thx for the post and the pic

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    1. re: kewlio

      I've not had a problem with the noodles at TT. As noted above, TT's chicken stock is a shade more concentrated, I think. Huang's chicken was a bit undersalted. But it's been more than a year since my last visit to the Geary branch for pho ga. Here's my post with a photo,

      I'd love to hear what else is good to order here. Please let us know.

      Turtle Tower Restaurant
      631 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA 94109

      Turtle Tower Restaurant
      5716 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94121

      Huang's Kitchen
      611 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA 94109

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        hey i stopped by for lunch, it was ok, yeah very much a pho ga.. and yet it was still better than what you could get at tt

        maybe egg noodles are better, they use a thick round one. the duck (cantonese roast duck) looks like a good one too

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          oh yeah i urge u and anyone who likes noodles to check out hay ki (check out range chicken over egg noodles, wide, dry with soup on the side)

          it is right by huang's and turtle tower

          hmm it wouldnt let me link to the right one

          hai ky mi gia
          707 ellis st, sf

          1. re: kewlio

            Yes, I tend to forget about Hai Ky Mi Gia. It's under the same ownership, I believe, as New Hai Ky and Lam Hoa Thuan on Irving Street. Here's my old post on the duck ho fun. I'll have to try the chicken version with egg noodles (I like the wide ones too).

            Lam Hoa Thuan
            2337 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122

            New Hai Ky Restaurant
            2191 Irving St, San Francisco, CA

            Hai Ky Mi Gia
            707 Ellis St, San Francisco, CA 94109

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              im not thrilled with their in soup noodles.. especially ho fun.. nice post, thx

              same ownership? interesting

      2. Any "Unborn Eggs" in any of these soups???


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        1. I went and tried this today and really liked it. I hadn't read through your post thoroughly so didn't notice that you said undersalted. It was the first pho ga (or pseudo pho ga) that I've ever had the urge to salt. I asked for rice noodles but got vermicelli, which were actually v. good with it (the vermicelli makes it feel a bit more like a Mexican soup to me).

          That odd little tomato/pork bits soup they give you when you order is strangely good.

          I wouldn't mind trying it again ... curious about their other offerings.

          1. hey did you guys tried the other dishes in Huang's Kitchen? I went there today and order the Kung Pao Chicken. their soup was delicious and the kung pao chicken was so nice. thats the best kung pao chicken i have ever had.

            1. Apparently, Huang's Kitchen is changing hands and currently is not open. I walked past it this afternoon on my way to Hai Ky for a bowl of duck noodle soup and saw this sign on the window:

              "Dear Customers,
              Our restaurant is under remodeling. We will reopen in May 2008 under new management. Thank you for your support."

              The telephone number listed on the storefront is 415-771-1388. Haven't called it so don't know if it's still in operation. Never did try it.

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              1. re: zippo

                Huang's has now reopened with a spiffier interior. I had the pho ga (now listed only by its Vietnamese name on the menu) last night for takeout and it wasn't bad. More expensive than $5.50, though.

                1. re: bigwheel042

                  I went by today (Saturday) @ 11:30 for lunch (trying pho ga around the area and REALLY wanted to try theirs!!!) but it was closed and hours were not posted. Does anyone know their hours? Thanks.

                  1. re: embie

                    I have a menu from when they first re-opened as Huang's Kitchen Vietnamese Cuisine and it says hours are 7 days a week 10am-9pm. .. I called the number 415/771-1388 and no answer. Uh-oh. . this location has been at least four businesses in the last four years. . I frequent Bodega Bistro next door and it seems like it's one of those Restaurant Bermuda Triangle types of places. :( I hope they're not closed. . . I wanted to go and try their Bun Bo Hue.

                    1. re: pastryqueen

                      A quick search shows no post about Huang's by Solop so there is hope they will reopen.:-)

                      1. re: wolfe

                        Stopped in Sunday at lunch for the pho ga. It's very much like Melanie described it. The broth isn't as rich and meaty as TT but still very tasty and clean. I'd say it distinctly has a Chinese flavor with the addition of fried shallots and sesame oil. The pho ga had hearty pieces of chicken, unlike the thin strips in TT's pho ga. I also got the shredded papaya salad as an starter which was also bright and refreshing.