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Sep 25, 2007 09:35 PM

The Foundry vs. Hatfield's?

Taking my girfriend (who isn't a big on beef) out for dinner on Friday night. Should we go to The Foundry or Hatfield's?
We've never been to either.
Doesn't have to be romantic. Just a good time - overall.
I'm not a big fan of live music if it's so loud I can't have a conversation.
Which has better food?
Which restaurant has better food considering the cost?
Which has a better waitstaff?

Also - if you have any other recommendations, then please mention them.
Looking to take a taxi from my house near Larchmont.
Looking for some place that I haven't already been (i.e. AOC, Lucques, Angelini, Grace, Jar, Providence, Opus).
I've never been to Campanile on a non-grilled-cheese-night. Thoughts?
Willing to spend a little bit...maybe $200 total (including bottle of wine and tip).


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  1. I would say Hatfields, especially if the music thing is an issue. Food is pretty good at Foundry, especially the chicken, but everything at Hatfield's flat-out rocks. Service is also a little less pretentious there. Hatfield's isn't especially romantic, but it doesn't exactly kill the mood either. It's probably a better deal for the $$$, too.

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      The side patio (not the front one) at Hatfield's is the most romantic part of the restaurant in my view.

    2. Hatfield's for sure. The food at the Foundry is completely mediocre, in my view.

      1. i just went to hatfield's for the first time last night and it was totally excellent. i've read mixed reviews on this board but everything was awesome. i would rate it above lucques, jar, and maybe even grace. check came to $240 for 2 ppl incl. 3 cocktails, 2 glasses of wine, 3 courses each. the hamachi croque madame that has received mixed reviews was truly outstanding, as was the lamb. restaurant is very mellow and unpretentious. i will be going back sometime soon -- has anyone done the tasting menu?


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          I had dined at hatfields a few months back. Passed on the tasting menu and ate off the regular menu. Had a solid meal. However Grace and Lucques gets higher marks in my book..

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            had the 7-course tasting menu a couple of months ago - $75 or 80pp. For 2 people, each gets a different item, so you end up getting 14 items in all. It's a great value and nearly everything was excellent. On par with Providence but more varied - I had squab at Hatfield's, for instance, but Providence is much more seafood intensive. Also the desserts at Hatfield's were several notches better than Providence. With the 7-course menu, there are 2 dessert courses and they ranged from refreshing to downright decadent, all excellent in quality.

          2. All' Angelo for good Italian on Melrose (near La Brea). It's small and kind of romantic.

            1. Haven't been to foundry, but had a wonderful meal at Hatfield's. The thing people are missing is that Hatfield's is a breath of fresh air, because they are all about the cuisine. No frills restaurant, but still romantic becasue the spare environment lets you and your date focus on each other--your wine--your food. Hatfield's best dish though is a meat plate....can't recall exactly what it was, but thing it was a piece of tender beef and a piece of tender pork.
              In other news, that restaurant Opus is a bright new spot. Sadly, in a location that won't get much play from the typical foodie crowd. They are adventurous, do interesting courses and have great bar menu as well.
              I think Campanile may be a tad bit overrated at this point.


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              1. re: boigahmonster

                Here is the menu, yet cannot find exactly the item you refer to.
                I was there last week, always sit on the side patio, as it is much quieter, more private, etc. Had the duck, which was wonderful. Great wine, btw.
                Can't imagine Foundry getting close to Hatfield's from a qualitative point of view. Hatfield's is one of LA's more underappreciated restaurants, yet that is also an attribute I like, as I can get in with shorter notice.

                1. re: carter

                  they may have retired that menu item for now...

                  1. re: boigahmonster

                    It doesn't exactly fit your description of the entree, but it sounds like you had the beef with millet-dusted short ribs (I think the LAT restaurant critic mentions it in her review).

                    I went for the first time to celebrate an anniversary and it was definitely the best meal I've had in a long time. I'm planning on writing a review but work owns my life right now.

                    Anyway, on another note, I'm sad they didn't receive a star from the Michelin Guide but at the same time, that means we'll have our little restaurant all to ourselves!

                    Go Hatfield's!