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Sep 25, 2007 09:27 PM

18th Private Birthday Party

Im new here, but already loving it :)
Im trying to plan an 18th birthday party in chicago area. Prefferebly with dancing. If not then private room. Needless to say the budget is, for lack of better term, "limited"

Thanks in advance for help,
Hope to be of service later

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  1. In what part of town are you looking? Do you have a food preference?

    For some reason, Quartino jumped in my mind (downtown). They have solid, reliable food and I think it would be fun for a large group of 18 year olds. They have a private room upstairs that would be great... Not sure how their pricing would work for a group, but their regular menu - Italian "small" plates of sorts (but more to me like family style) - is reasonable. No dancing there, but that could come later!

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    1. re: DKS1

      thanks! i have no preferrence of food or area, its juss the price thats picky
      and thanks again :)