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Sep 25, 2007 09:21 PM

Sausages From Wholefoods. How to cook?

I bought some interesting sausages from wholefoods am not sure how to cook them to keep them juicy.
The two flavours I have are 1) jerk and 2) turkey bacon and mushrooms.
Any suggestions?

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  1. I love them just cooked in my saute pan on the stove top... I add a tiny bit of water to the pan and cook all the water out letting them get nice and dark, dark on the outsides.

    1. Grill

      Try the lamb sausage - YUM

      1. If you have a grill, use that. Grill over medium heat, turning frequently until cooked through and nice and charred. If you can't grill, heat a skillet over medium high heat. Put the sausages in and add some water and some oil, maybe 1/4 inch and then cover. Cook for 8 or so minutes then remove the cover, let the remaining water boil out and then brown the sausages in the remaining oil until golden brown and delicious.

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          thanks folks. . . . Can't wait to try them.

          1. re: pancake

            Just be careful - I tried three different types and they were all terribly salty (for my taste), which shocked me, being Whole Foods and all. Hopefully it was just my local one.

            1. re: drgreg

              I have to agree with you. I saw the posting about the Whole Foods Sausages on this web site and had to see if any one had the same experience I did. I could not eat them and I LOVE me some salt.

        2. For something different, I've been thinking of cooking some brats or sausages (probably in the saute pan as Meffebabe suggests) then cutting them into slices and baking in cornbread, maybe with some sauteed onions and apples. I made something like this years ago and thought it was good, and the fall weather has me thinking about making it again.

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            I made the jerk sausages last night and did not notice any issues around the saltiness. They were seasoned quite nicely with the perfect kick....thanks again for the cooking instructions.