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Sep 25, 2007 09:12 PM

recommendation needed: best place to buy fresh fish in l.a. - pref in ktown, grove, hollywood area?


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  1. I don't know of any places in the areas you've stated, but Santa Monica Seafood on Colorado at 12th is great. In Little Tokyo go to Mitsuwa Market. There's also a place on Alameda St. south of downtown , close to the American Apparel building that's really good.

    1. the nice woman with the fish truck at the Hollywood Farmer's Market on Sunday has good fish as well.

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        Second on the Hollywood Market lady's fish. I think they're based in San Pedro, & their fish is fresh, fresh, fresh. She's at the SE corner of Ivar & Yucca. Come early, as she sells out of a lot of stuff by 10:30.

      2. Tusquellas Seafood - Farmer's Market.

        1. Seafood City, 138 S. Vermont. Very wide selection.

          1. I go to the galleria Korean supermarket, in the basement of the shopping mall at Western and Olympic. They have monkfish, black cod, skate, mackerel, fish roe, etc. They gut and scale your fish if you ask. It's the best nearest mi Mid-City house. I know there are some even better fish markets in Koreatown but this one being the nearest so I haven't tried those other ones.

            They also sell frozen cod roe which is great to make tarama spread.

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              Second this rec - their selection is great and really well priced.