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Sep 25, 2007 08:27 PM

Beer (or Bloody Marys) & Breakfast in Raleigh

Hey All
I am back for help! I am once again hosting friends in Raleigh (thank you for all of your help with previous hostings) and am looking for suggestions. This time we will be venturing to our first NC State football game. Being from WV where football is absolutely everything, you can imagine my surprise when I learned that NC State puts a cap on your tailgating time! Well I guess we have our own solution for that! This is where you come in... We are looking for a Southern Breakfast Place that serves alcohol! The greasier spoon, the better! While we love the white table cloths, this is a day of football and we are just looking for a place where the folks are friendly, the food is heavenly, and the beverages are frosty (early in the am). I look forward to your suggestions!
TIA :)

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  1. If it's on Sunday, Player's Retreat on Hillsborough and Oberlin is great. Super cheap, alcohol and their breakfast is one of the best. It might be the only greasy spoon breakfast that serves alcohol that I can think of.

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      It's on Saturday.... will they be serving then? Do you know how early?

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        Somewhat remarkably, the PR has a website: . . . it's a rather complicated website, but it doesn't seem to list their hours. It's bizarre how often I look at bar/restaurant sites that omit that detail.

        It does appear that the breakfast-type items are only available on the late-night (11pm-2am) weekend menu. It has been a good 13+ years since I've been to the PR, but I can't imagine anyone involved with it being awake much before 11 a.m. . . .

        Ah, I see, a couple of years ago it was partially bought out by Gus Gusler, longtime Raleigh entertainment lawyer / show promoter / man-about-town. While the website makes it seem like they've tried to un-funkify the place a little bit, I think Gus has probably maintained the correct aura of grime.

        Although, given Gus's client list (Hootie), I wonder if the Motorhead is still on the jukebox . . .

        Players Retreat
        105 Oberlin Rd, Raleigh, NC

    2. If there are no places where alcohol and breakfast can be combined, where would y'all suggest for a good southern breakfast not too far from the football stadium?