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Sep 25, 2007 08:25 PM

Sushi in Markham or Downtown?

Hello fellow chowhounders.

Mom's birthday is coming up and she has requested sushi.
Her conditions - doesn't want all you can eat.
Would like to eat either in Markham or Downtown.

She mentioned she had heard there was a good sushi restaurant on Highway 7 but when asked about the name or the exact location she said she couldn't remember.

I'm wondering if she meant Akasaka.

So my questions are this.
Does anyone have any experience dining experience with Akasaka and what were your thoughts about the food.
Also does anyone have any reccommendations for a good Japanese restaurant in Markham or Downtown that is not all you can eat?

Thanks in advance for your responses

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  1. Any preferences (i.e. sashimi vs cooked) and budget limits? Do you want omakase? Party size?
    There's a handful of "good" japanese restaurants, depending on what you are looking for.

    Downtown there's Ematei (good prepared foods, a bit more casual), Japango (omakase, small), Nami (sashimi, more upscale)
    In Scarborough there's Le Cafe Michi (excellent value, small and casual), Zen (haven't been YET but CHers always mention this one)
    just to name a few "good" japanese restaurants.

    Sorry, never go to Markham for japanese! Except Ajisen Ramen for a quick meal..

    For more, see these threads:
    "Authentic Japanese" >>
    "Omakase" >>
    "Japanese by Japanese" >>

    1. I have been to Akasaka recently. They are good with the fusion type of sushi like those you get at Crazy Sushi. Their main course set dinner (beef teriyaki, miso black cod, etc) also pretty good and not too expensive ($20 something). Sashimi is average but I would not eat sashimi there because there are more better choice like Cafe Michi and Zen in uptown. Teppanyaki is not bad (better than Taste of Japan, Tako, Memories of Japan) but more expensive. Atmosphere is nice.

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      1. re: skylineR33

        Tokyo Sushi on woddbine above 407 is my fave in the woodbine / steeles area.
        They are much smaller than Taste of Japan and Maison du Japan and seem to provide better quality.
        BUT: No seaweed in the miso & no cucumber in the sushi. So maybe they are not properly authentic, but I like my sushi that way.

        1. re: dancingTimmy

          Hey Jinxed, skylineR33 and dancingTimmy

          Thanks for the info! Well seems mom has a change of mind. She decided wouldn't mind going to a restuarant closer to home ( which is in the west end).
          I started looking at the threads listed supplied by jinx and also did some searching myself on this web site and some others. I've narrowed it down to three restaurants.


          Anyone have any experiences or preferences with the three listed above?

          1. re: volauvent

            I rarely venture out to the west-end so I haven't eaten at any of the places you mentioned. Would be interested to hear if any are a hit, though!

            On my to-do (to-eat?) list is Kaji in Etobicoke. He offers high-end omakase dinners ($80-120).

            1. re: volauvent

              Hi volauvent, I have been to all three in your list. I like Kumai the most. Must try out items on their daily fresh list for great sushi/sashimi. Jimay is second, it used to be better but go downhill recently, still a good one. The sashimi cut at Hinote is big but quality is not as good as the last 2, I do not like it that much but it is the cheapest out of the 3.

              In term of atmosphere, all three are good but Jimay is the best.

              Jimbay and Kumai are both owned by Japanese, Hinote is Korean as you can see Kalbi on their menu.

              1. re: skylineR33

                I haven't been to all three, but I've been to Kumai and I really enjoyed it. The food, presentation, and service were all good. The place just had renovations done in early February as well. When I came, they just had their carpet put in and they had only temporary chairs and tables. I'm sure it looks much nicer now with more permanent furniture.

                1. re: skylineR33

                  Wondering how Kumai compares to other sushi places around the GTA. In particular interested in a comparison to the Cafe Michi in Scarborough.

                  1. re: T Long

                    Cafe Michi and Kumai are similar - cozy, fresh sushi and Japanese owned.
                    There are daily special items at Kumai (both cooked and raw) which I found are interesting.
                    However, the Chirashi dinner set (which includes a slice of cake) at Cafe Michi is very good in value for only $22 (or $28 for more variety).
                    The service at Kumai can be slow though.

                2. re: volauvent

                  dont' usually eat sushi in the 'saug... but after tonights dinner at kumai it is the reigning sushi joint for me.