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Sep 25, 2007 08:21 PM

Food & Drink Packed Short Weekend in Dallas

I'm coming down to Dallas for the Cowboy-Viking game on Oct 22 with some (culinarily challenged) buddies. Arriving Saturday mid-afternoon, going to the game @ noon Sunday, and probably doing some tailgating prior Sunday morning. Will likely be staying near the stadium or DFW airport, but will be mobile. Trying to fill in the blanks for the other meal times. My thoughts so far:
1) Must Do Steak Saturday or Sunday Night...from what I've been reading, I'm leaning towards Pappas Bros over Del Frisco...any insight?
2) Saturday afternoon...we are from Big 10 country, and will be seeking out a bar with some games on TV (trying to stay away from pure "sports bars") with some local color and decent bar food...the Angry Dog caught my eye...any other recommendations?
3) One of the guys is a BBQ diehard, especially pork ribs & beef brisket. If BBQ fails, where to go for really good Tex-Mex?
4) Unique Sunday brunch, in the event we're up for it
5) Tailgating tips for Texas Stadium.

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  1. Pappas is much closer to the stadium and much better than DF's in my opinion. For Big 10 games Sat, Cool River is close by and they have fairly upscale food but also tons of TVs and pool tables. Good place to kill a Sat afternoon and is much more geographically friendly. I'll defer to others on good BBQ and TM in close proximity.

    Guys that are diehard Big 10 fans doing brunch??? Come on. Get out to the stadium and get prepared for the beat down we're going to put on the Vikes.

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      If you want Mexican go for the real thing Nuevo Leon On Josey & Valley View.

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        Cool River also has a cigar room. It truly is aimed at the expense account in town.

        BTW: Odd of you to come to Dallas for BBQ. I just did a count, and in Plano there are roughly 2 sushi places for each BBQ one! May want to get your food-challenged friends some Uni.

      2. 1) Steak - Between Pappas Bros and Del Frisco, go with Pappas Bros.
        2) Bar w/ TVs - Angry Dog is a good recommendation (Deep Ellum). If you're looking for something slightly closer, Victory Tavern might also be worth a look.
        3) BBQ - Sonny Bryan's or Baker's Ribs | Tex-Mex - Maybe Matt's Rancho Martinez or Desperado's Uno
        4) Unique Sunday brunch - Terilli's jazz brunch. Maybe Libertine?
        5) Tailgating tips for Texas Stadium - Can't help you there. :(

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          Del Frisco's is better...but not sure if I would take "culinary challenged" people there
          No really "miss hit" places around the stadium
          Blue Mesa Grill or the Four Seasons brunch
          Sonny Bryan's for barbeque
          Instead of Tex-Mex, do real Mexico-type food at Taco Diner (multiple locations)

          1. re: BellaDonna

            Tailgating tips:
            If you plan on buying beer to tailgate, do it Saturday night. It can't be sold before noon on Sundays. And if you want something harder,there are only certain cities that sell more than beer and wine.

            Here's the back way to bypass traffic for parking:

            It has been about 2 years since I've been to a game, but that route should still be good.