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Sep 25, 2007 08:14 PM

South Dallas Recs

I'd like to give a gift certificate for $100 without wine to a restaurant somewhere near downtown/south Dallas.

Can 2 people get out of York St for that much?

Nothing over the top fancy, but warm and inviting would be good.

Otherwise, what about Kitchen 1924, any place in Oak Cliff

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  1. You can check York Street's website for menu with prices. I think you could probably get by for 100.00 without wine. I highly recommend it, food and atmosphere are fabulous. Kitchen 1924 doesn't even come close. Our recent visit was very disappointing. Service was not good nor was the food. I would also recommend Stephen Pyles. We ate there for around 100.00 without alcohol.

    1. I'd second the recommendation for York Street.

      1. In Oak Cliif, try Hattie's or Kavala.

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          I would recommend Hattie's much more than Kavala. I recently had dinner there and thought it was just ok. I thought the prices were heavily inflated for what was mostly pedestrian fare. Hattie's on the other hand is far better restaurant with a nicer atmosphere.

          1. re: Bhutani

            Tillman's Roadhouse in the Bishop Arts District of Oak Cliff. Good upscale chuckwagon menu. Nice atmosphere.

            1. re: Dominic

              I had dinner at Tillman's a few weeks ago and found it very disappointing. We had tuna (I think it was a daily special) and the waiter did make a point of asking if we liked it rare as that was how it was served. Sure! But mine was barely cooked, not rare. When I asked the waiter to put it back on the grill for another minute or two, he said to me, "I told you it was served rare". That really annoyed me. I don't care if I asked him to take it back and bring it out blackened, I would like a, "Certainly, madam". (I spent years in the serving industry so I feel okay saying that." My dinner companion said the cut of the tuna was poor. Chocolate cake for desert was very good but all in all, as a long time Cliff dweller, I preferred Tillman's when it was still a "Corner". Much more congenial (and affordable) then.