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Sep 25, 2007 08:02 PM

Lonely Highway eats in Nevada and Utah

During the middle of next week, I'll be traveling through some awfully lonely Nevada country on my sojourn from Salt Lake City to Death Valley. Are there any good eats along I-80, US-93, US-6 or US-95? I'll be passing through towns like Wendover; Ely; Currant; Lockes; Warm Springs; Tonopah; Goldfield, and Beatty.

My criteria are: a) anything tasty b) anything that won't give me food poisoning!

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  1. Those towns don't sound familiar so I'm not sure you'll be going through Shoshone, but cafe C'est si bon is worth a small detour. Heck, in that neighborhood, it's worth a big detour. Real espresso, delicious crepes, and a delightful owner. Go there.

    Btw, why not go south on I-15 and a right turn toward Death Valley just south of Vegas?

    1. For snacks, check out the Death Valley Nut and Candy company in Beatty (I think that's what its called...anyway, its by the gas station next to the casino on the main drag). The place is HUGE and has a wide variety of goodies. A few weeks ago we bought everything from pepitas (pumpkin seeds) to delicious English Toffee to dried shredded unsweetened coconut. LOTS of tasty goodies in that place and fairly reasonable prices given the location.....They have some items that you wouldn't expect to find in a place like that (such as dried garbanzo beans in Indian spices....)

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        Also in Beatty there is a place that sells great home-made beef jerky. I don't know the name or the location, but you can't miss it. Just look for the signs......

        Death Valley Nut and Candy Company
        Beatty, NV, Beatty, NV