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Sep 25, 2007 07:42 PM

Silk City Diner

This is an experience that my friend had there last weekend at Silk City....Went in for Sunday brunch...he ordered an omelet with bacon and cheese. The server took the order and the came back two minutes later and said that the kitchen would not make the bacon and cheese omelet because it wasn't on the menu. My friend was stunned and the server seemed suprised also. My friend got up and left and told me because of that ridculous experience he would not ever return to silk city....

Now, I'm sure if Mr. Bee or Chef Peter Dunmire had been there and heard this they would have fixed this problem...but their staff both FOH and BOH don't seem to grasp the concept of hospitality.

I mean, c'mon a a bacon and cheese's still a diner.....what was the kitchen thinking and how did the server not go to a manager and tell them this was a guest request.

just felt compared to share this story....hope it's the exception to Silk City's guest it should be.

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  1. Did they have omlettes on the menu? Was bacon on the menu as well?

    1. If he knew it wasn't on the menu, why wouldn't he ask the server, "Would I be able to get a bacon & cheese omelet?" Unless he didn't read the menu and just blindly ordered it.

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      1. re: lawgirl3278

        of course they have omelets on the brunch menu and your telling me that Silk City Diner doesn't have bacon.....the point is that the guest experience was underwelming at best.

      2. Wow...that's like saying 'I'll have a BLT on white toast; can I have mustard instead of mayo?' . To which they respond "oh, we can't put mustard on it. it's not listed that way on the menu'.

        1. This is totally a matter of the staff taking control of something. Whether or not it's on the menu is a moot point. If they're serving omelettes at that time of day and serving bacon, what's it matter? Other than not wanting to chop up some bacon, I can't even think of why they would refuse!
          Customers ask for variations all the time. If they're turning down a simple request like this, who knows what else they are refusing to do.

          It's too bad your friend didn't tell the manager. I'm sure they'd want to know about staff problems like that.

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          1. re: jessicheese

            Of course, but if they don't have bacon they don't have it. I say if it's not on the menu, don't be upset if you can't have it.

            1. re: saturninus

              At this point we don't know if bacon is or is not on the menu, but I say if they don't have bacon, then they shouldn't be able to call themselves a diner.

              Sounds like a case of trying to be too cool for school.

          2. Definitely the staff FOH and BOH need to either communicate better or have good judgement in pleasing their customers. I think a smart BOH staff member would have made an independent decision and prepared the simple bacon and cheese omelet. Remember, one dissatisfied customer can give bad reviews which can affect the future profit level.
            On that note, we have always enjoyed the old and new Silk City, although I miss the jalapeno cornbread very much.