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Sep 25, 2007 07:26 PM

Palo Alto gift certificate ideas?

My best friend just moved in with his girlfriend in Palo Alto. Also, it's his birthday! I want to get him/them a birthday/housewarming present and I was thinking that a gift certificate to someplace local would be perfect.

I'm only looking to spend around $40-$50, so probably a bakery/cheese store type shop place would make more sense than a restaurant. I'd like it to be something they can bring home and enjoy in their new place.

I live in Philadelphia, so I'm not too familiar with the Palo Alto options. Any help would be much appreciated (and I promise I'll return the favor when you need to know where to get the best cheesesteak/soft pretzel/water ice!).

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  1. Do you need something you can order and pay from Phili? I am not sure how many places do that.

    I should preface the bakery section by the fact that I can't eat wheat, but the places that are commonly mentioned are: Prolific Oven, Douce France, Satura, Palo Alto Baking Company. Hey my husband would be thrilled with $50 at Happy Donuts.

    Other places: Village Cheese Shop, the chain AG Ferrari, Fraiche (frozen yogurt), the mini chain Counter Burger may have online ordering?

    1. Draeger's Market in Menlo Park. They have a huge housewares department too so if they need anything for the house, they can get it there. They also have a full gourmet focused market with great olive oils, mustards, cheeses, wine etc.

      1. I second the vote for Draeger's - many, many options in terms of how they want to spend it. And you can get the gift card online.

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          Yes great idea! Oakville Grocery is another option, but less extensive than Draegers.

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            i third draeger's. call the ladies who work there (i think gift baskets go out of san mateo?) and tell them your budget and the kinds of foods your friends like. they are really great about staying within the budget and being creative with the contents. i've done many baskets for major client officers with draegers and have always been really pleased.

          2. There's also Whole Foods Market in Palo Alto for your interest in a cheese & bakery store. Love Draeger's for specialty foods but find them expensive for houseware.

            1. Thanks, everyone! I actually went with Fraiche, mostly because of their emphasis on organic/local (he's very aware of/involved with those issues). They didn't have anything about gift certificates on their website, but I emailed and the owner wrote back right away and let me know they'd be more than happy to help out. The minimum gift card order is $25, and you can do any denomination at or above $25.