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Sep 25, 2007 06:38 PM

First Chinatown Restaurant experience for Upstate Girls

I'm taking six co-workers to Chinatown for early dinner on Thursday. All of them are from upsate NY & most of them have never been to that part of Manhattan. Though I'm a Taiwanese, I'm not quite sure the restaurants that I ususally visit would pass my co-workers' standards in terms of cleanliness, sanitary, etc. Any recommendation on CLEAN, authentic & decent interior restaurants that I can take them to for their very first (more) authentic Chinese food experience?? I was thinking about Dim Sum Go Go, but doesn't seem like they offer dim sum after 4 PM.....

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  1. Joe's Shanghai for soup dumplings? or Peking Duck Restaurant. There used to be an arcade near Peking Duck that had a chicken you could play tictactoe against, but the health dept or ASPCA took it away years ago.

    1. soup dumplings at shanghai cafe.

      1. Dim sum go go do offer dim sum after 4.

        I've never been to Amazing 66 but I heard awesome reviews and its nice and clean since it is new. Its next on my list. Fuleen is excellent but there is no atmosphere.

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          Amazing 66 does indeed have a sparkling, clean dining room. Food is also good.

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            I agree, I think Amazing 66 is amazing if you order the right stuff (my favorite is the various braised ducks) Early dinner is a good idea cause it is full after about 6:30. Remember it's Cantonese. Last time I went I sat next to a Cantonese guy and his Taiwanese girlfriend. She didnt speak Cantonese and was at a disadvantage. He, on the other hand, was loving it. He had long conversations with the manager and waiters and ordered some great-looking off-menu stuff just to impress her.

        2. East Ocean, 53 Bayard has a little more atmosphere and is a little more expensive too, and might be what you're looking for.

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            Hey, is East Ocean still good? It was my fave two years ago but I've been afraid to go back in case it has declined.

            1. re: Brian S

              Not as good as when it opened, as I considered it "Monterey Park quality" when it opened, but not my last visit there. However it is newer, cleaner, and fancier than some of our other favorites like Cantoon Garden or Fuleen, and seems more appropriate for the specific request.

          2. A problem with Joe's Shanghai is that other than their soup dumplings, everything else is bad so i don't think it's a good place for a group.

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            1. re: Monica

              When I went there years ago, everything was excellent. It was my first exposure to Shanghai cuisine and few restaurants, if any, in NY have surpassed it. I used to especially love their seven different preparations of yelllowfish (aka croaker). Has it gone downhill since then?

              1. re: Brian S

                it's funny because my coworkers and i were talking about Joe Shanghai yesterday when the topic of Chinese food came up. Both said the samething I said about the place. One of them is actually Chinese and she mentioned that the place is only good with the dumplings and that everything else is below average.